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update date : 2022-08-01
CIDS Courses do not require students to take the course in certain semesters, which means students can decide when to take the courses based on their own study plan. In principle, students only need to complete the course before their graduation.
Is it a required course will depend on your identity:
  • For Undergraduate Program Students: It is a required course. International Degree Students can use the credits of CIDS to waiver “ College Chinese” (4 credits).
  • For MA./Ph.D students: It is not a required course, yet it may be listed as one of the graduation requirements by departments. Please confirm with your own department office.
You can get the information about CIDS via:
  • If you are a New Student for CIDS Course (who have never taken CIDS Course before):
    1. Without any Chinese-related learning experience or learning experience is less than 6 months: Start from Level 1
    2. With more than 6 months of Chinese-related learning experience:An online placement test will be conducted
  • If you are a Continuing Student for CIDS Course (who have taken CIDS Course before):Move on to the next level
The Class-Level Announcement will be posted on the NCKU Course Enrollment System Announcement at 選課公告 (ncku.edu.tw). Please pay attention to the latest news announced and follow the schedule informed to finish the course enrollment by yourself.
The Class-Level will follow the result of your placement test, therefore, please attend and finish the first class. If you still think the class is too hard or too easy for you, please have a discussion with the instructor first. If the instructor also agrees that your level needs to be adjusted, please notify the CLC Office for the adjustment.
No. Once the result is announced, the level adjustment will only be conducted under the instructors' agreement. According to the NCKU Regulation, if students are taking 2 courses at the same time, both of them will not be counted. CIDS courses neither ask students’ to take 2 continuing semesters nor to finish the courses before a certain semester, which means you can take the course in other semesters. CLC will discuss with the instructors and have authority to decide if the student can take a higher level or not.
  • If you are a New Student for CIDS Course (who have never taken CIDS Courses before): Please apply for the courses in the future semester.
  • If you are a Continuing Student for CIDS Course (who have taken CIDS Courses before): Please come to the CLC Office to register for the class during the 1st week of the Semester. If there are still seats available, you will be added to the course during the Course Enrollment Stage Under Special Circumstance. Otherwise, you will need to re-apply for the CIDS Course in the next semester.
Please come to the CLC Office before the course started. CLC Office will first confirm your application and the issue a Permission Card. Show the Permission Card to the teacher and get his/her approval, or you cannot attend the class. Please don’t interrupt the class when you enter the classroom.
The maximum capacity for each class is 17 people. Once the enrolled student number meets the maximum capacity, the request of adding a course or auditing will not be accepted.
When you see this message, it means that you have taken the CIDS Course for 2 semesters. If you would like to continue the 3rd semester, you should fill in the Registration Form for Course Enrollment Under Special Circumstance during the 1st week of the semester. The registration request will be processed only if there are seats available in the Special Circumstance Course Enrollment Stage.
No, you cannot. Please drop the class. According to the NCKU Course Enrollment Regulations, the number of credits resulting from a course re-enrollment will not count into the minimum number of credits for graduation but will be used in the calculation of the total grade for the semester and for graduation.
No, you cannot. If you have other inquiries about the GE credits, please contact The Center for General Education.
You can withdraw from the class using the NCKU Course Information and Enrollment System without getting permission from the instructor in advance. Please handle the withdrawal procedures carefully and make sure if you have completed the procedures. If you need any assistance, please contact the Registrar Office for assistance.
👉NCKU Online Course Withdrawal Application Procedures :https://course.ncku.edu.tw/
You might use the "Pre-registration" Function instead of "Add the Course". "Pre-registration" is for students to plan the schedule for reference. You still need to click "Add the Course" during the Course Enrollment Stage.
The CIDS course will be listed and the grade will be shown on the NCKU Transcript. Since each scholarship may have different regulations, please contact your department office or the related association for confirmation.
  • If you took the course before the 2016 Academic Year, please contact the CLC office via email directly.
  • If you took the course after the 2016 Academic Year, your NCKU Transcript will be the official document of your learning records.
According to the related regulations legislated by Taiwanese MOE, the calculation of credits for universities shall follow the principle that 18 teaching hours shall be equal to 1 credit. Since NCKU Transcript is the official document with the higher effectiveness, CLC will no longer issue any other proof or certificate.
👉Taiwanese MOE Enforcement Rules of the University Act :https://law.moj.gov.tw/LawClass/LawAll.aspx?pcode=H0030028

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