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update date : 2023-06-21


Student Group Ping An Insurance



Enrolled Student

2. How to apply for insurance benefits:

Please bring your student ID card, hospital diagnosis certificate, original receipt (or a photocopy with the stamp of the hospital), and seal to apply for a claim to the Student Auxiliary Section of the Academic Affairs Office of the school (you can also download the claim form from the Student Auxiliary Section’s website in advance. ).

3. Student Group Ping An Insurance:

(1) The meaning of insurance:
Student group insurance is a group comprehensive insurance. When students participating in the insurance need to be hospitalized due to illness or unexpected accidental injury, or become disabled or die, the student insurance company that undertakes the school will undertake the insurance according to the terms of the insurance policy. The standard is to pay insurance money, so that patients or students who suffer from accidental injuries can obtain financial subsidies. The insurance money of Ping An Insurance is shared by most of the lucky insured who have not suffered an injury or illness, so this insurance is a large The money provided by most of the classmates to support some unfortunate classmates is completely human mutual aid.

(2) the scope of protection:
During the validity period of this contract, when the insured dies, becomes disabled or needs hospitalization due to illness or accidental injury, the insurance company shall pay the insurance benefits in accordance with the contract.
The "accidental injury accident" mentioned in the preceding paragraph refers to an external accident not caused by a disease.

(3) Objects of insurance:
The object of student group insurance refers to the students with the school status of the school.

(4) Insurance beneficiaries:
In the event of an insured accident involving the insured who participates in the student group insurance, the insurance money will be paid to the legal representative or his/her parents listed in the student registration information as the beneficiary.​​


【Student Group Ping An Insurance Clause】

References, Frequently Asked Questions
1. How to apply for student group insurance?

If the insured is treated by a medical service institution of the National Health Insurance due to illness, hospitalization or an accidental injury from outside, please present:
(1) the diagnosis certificate,
(2) the fee receipt, and
(3) the positive copy of the insured's passbook to the date of birth The auxiliary group fills in the insurance payment application form (general outpatient service does not pay).

2. How to obtain the application form for student group insurance?

(1) Please get it from the Health Auxiliary Group on the 3F of Yunping Building.
(2) Please go to the website of the Health Assistance Group > Form Download Area to download.

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