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update date : 2024-03-14


Admission Prospectus for International Students

Admission Regulations

Application Procedure

※Before apply: 

  1. Confirm your eligibility to apply as an international student, please refer to "Applicant's Eligibility".
  2. Check the available current departments/institutes programs that you intend to apply, please refer to "Current Programs" via the application portal. (or click)
  3. Prepare the required documents and the application fee, please see "Required Documents" and  Payment instructions for details.
  4. Check with the Current Programs (via the applicaiton portal) if the chosen departments/institutes require additional documents, interviews and/or tests. (*Interview details and schedules will be notify by the department/instituion if necessary.)
  5. Complete the application online via the applicaiton portal before the deadline.

※How to apply: 

  • Register for only ONE account (please use your e-mail address as your username) on the application portal.
  • Verify your e-mail address, then log in to fill out information and choose maximum three departments/institutes. 
  • Upload all required and department/institution additional required (if applicable) documents to the corresponding category (PDF formats only)
  • Pay the application fee of NT$2,000 by bank transfering or credit card.
  • Before submitting application, double-check if all information and documents are provided correctly.
  • Notification email to the recommenders will be sent after submitting your application.

- For facilitating two recommendation letters, there are 3 ways listed below to provide, as long as there are minimum TWO recommendation letters in your application. 

  1. Upload by yourself
  2. Upload or fill out the content by your recommenders via the link provided in the notification email.
  3. Invited recommenders in your application can email the letter to us, and we can help upload.


Applicants’ Eligibility

Required Documents

Application Fee Payment Instructions

Application Portal

NEW!!Degree Application for international students in the fall class of 2024/2025 

                          Application period: January 20 (Sat.) to March 30 (Sat.) , 2024


【IMPORTANT】Applicants apply to the Chinese-taught department (admission brochure marked in black and blue dots), please provide a Chinese proficiency test at TOCFL A2 level or above.

【IMPORTANT】Applicants apply to the English-taught department (admission brochure marked in green and red dots), please provide an English proficiency test at CEFR B2 level or above. (*Undergraduate program at CEFR B1 level or above)

*Academic year in 2025/2026 undergraduate program applicants will be required to provide it at CEFR B2 level or above.

【IMPORTANT】Please thoroughly go over the 2024/2025 admission prospectus and prepare it according to the department's additional requirements.



Preparing...Degree Application for international students in the spring class of 2024/2025  open for application: July 1 (Mon.) ~ September 30 (Mon.), 2024

Preparing...Degree Application for international students in the fall class of 2025/2026  open for application: TBC November 20 (Wed.), 2024 ~ January 20 (Mon.) 2025



ClosedDegree Application for international students in the spring class of 2023/2024  

                         Application period: July 1st (Sat.) to September 30 (Thurs.), 2023

                      (Note: Dept. of Nursing accepts only Dual-Degree Ph.D. applicants for the 2024 spring term.)


Download Relevant Forms




Declaration Form for International Student Application

Recommendation Letter

Recommendation Letter Format

Financial Sponsorship from the Guarantor

Financial Sponsorship Form

Non-Household Registration Declaration

Non-Household Registration Declaration Form

Application For Certificate of Entry and Exit Dates

Application Form for Certificate of Entry and Exit Dates

Application for Credit Transfer

Application for Credit Transfer (Bachelor's)


*If you are from designated countries, such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, etc., please make sure you will have guarantor in Taiwan to ensure your visa legitimacy. For more information, please refer to Procedures for Nationals of the Designated Countries Applying for Visitor Visas to the Republic of China (R.O.C.)


NCKU handles the recruitment of international students and does not commission any external institution, legal person, group, or individual to handle related matters except publicity and promotions, and to assist students coming to Taiwan undertake the necessary related procedures. In due course, NCKU shall also verify whether any commissioned party has collected any unreasonable fees from international studnents, established any loan relationship with any international student, or wherhter any other violation of related ordinances has occured, and when necessary, NCKU may check details with international students who are applying for admission.

NCKU handles events related to the admission of international students or commissions an external institution, leagal person, group, or individual to do so, and provides information that is consistent with the admission regulation, admission guidelines, or any related regulations.

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