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Types of Visiting Programs

update date : 2022-03-14


All overseas scholars, faculty and staff are welcome to become international scholars of NCKU. Please choose the program that best suits your needs to join the international scholars of NCKU.


A. Types of Programs

(1) Visiting Scholars Program

Visiting scholars must be non-students and their primary purpose of visit is for teaching or/and academic research. Visiting scholars should have an official invitation letter from their host institution/teacher. The length of the visit is not limited and depends on the validity of the visa issued to the scholar.

Note 1: Due to the COVID-19, the diplomatic offices do not have a high chance of issuing visas to Taiwan for general social reasons (e.g., visits, exchanges, etc.), and scholars who still have plans to come to Taiwan are advised to refer to the Teacher Exchange Program or the Talent Recruitment Program to invite scholars to Taiwan by means of working visas.

Note 2: In response to the recent escalation of the epidemic, Taiwan currently does not allow entry of non-nationals of Taiwan or foreigners who do not hold a residence permit. Subsequent entry policies will be based on the latest policies of the central government.

(2)NCKU 90 and Beyond Cultivation Program

In order to promote the diversity of teaching and create an international environment, NCKU will promote the “Foreign Teacher" grant program from 2019 onward. The funding is fully subsidized by the Higher Education Deepening Program, which substantially encourages departments and colleges to recruit international scholars and experts. To attract foreign scholars to apply for visiting professorships or postdoctoral fellowships at NCKU, in order to strengthen the teaching and research capacity, and to promote the internationalization of the campus.  Foreign scholars who want to apply should apply to the NCKU 90 and Beyond page of the R&D Office of NCKU. The program requires a minimum of one year of service in the university, and subsidies for air tickets, accommodation and research funds to Taiwan. Please consider the purpose and length of time to choose the most suitable international scholar program.

(3) Recruitment of Talents Program

In order to develop NCKU into a world-class university, the university recruits outstanding talents to participate in the "Toward a Top University Program" to teach in special fields or to assist in promoting technological research and development and management. For more information, please refer to the "Recruiting Talent Program" of the Office of Research and Development, Academic Development Division. There is no limit to the length of service under this program, but scholars must be assisted in applying for work visas before they can come to work in Taiwan.

Note 1: There are restrictions on the academic qualifications required for recruiting talents. Please confirm whether the identity of the scholar is eligible before applying.

Note 2: For related qualifications, please refer to the NCKU’s Recruitment of Talents Regulations of the Human Resources Office.

(4)Exchange Teacher Program

Exchange scholars refer to scholars who come to visit and conduct research in accordance with the written agreement of the exchange professor program established by NCKU, colleges, departments, degree programs and centers with overseas sister schools, recommended by the sister schools and approved by NCKU. Scholars of NCKU’s contracted schools who want to apply for the exchange professor program, please refer to the International Cooperation Division of the International Affairs Office. The exchange time depends on the length of the exchange contract. For relevant subsidy information, please refer to the International Cooperation Section here.


B. Application Process 

The application process and time required for each program are slightly different, please refer to the information below for reference.

All visiting international scholars must obtain the consent of the reception unit of NCKU; the contact unit can be an individual (teacher, director, dean, etc.) or an academic unit (department, research institution). Therefore, your main contact person in NCKU should be the undertaker or teacher of the school or department where you work.

(1) Please go to the list of departments to find a unit or faculty member that matches your interests and fields, and then contact them directly to ask if they will accept your international student application, or if you have received an invitation from a NCKU unit to come to serve or exchange.

(2) Once you have reached an agreement with the host institution, the host institution will assist you with the procedures to invite you to become an international scholar of National Cheng Kung University.

(3) If you have any questions about visa and administrative matters, you can ask the International Affairs Office - Overseas Students and Scholars Services Division.

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