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Foreign students identification

The category of foreign students: there are 4 types of foreign students which include International students, overseas Chinese students, People Republic of China students, Hong Kong/Macau students. Each category of students obeys different rules and regulations. Please read and understand the latest rules and regulations to confirm whether your student identification is correct. After our inspection, if you fail to comply with the rules and regulations, the admission will be canceled, the enrollment status will be canceled and the qualification to graduate will be revoked and we will not provide any form of academic qualification.  

Link to the rules and regulations of foreign students

About Republic of China Nationality
According to the second article of “Nationality Law”, in accordance with any of the conditions stated below, you are categorized as the Republic of China Nationality. 

  1. Born with either parent holding R.O.C nationality.
  2. Born after the death of either parent, he/she held R.O.C nationality when passed away.
  3. Born within R.O.C., both of the parents are unknown or without nationality.
  4. Naturalized person.

*The first and second conditions stated above are revised and conducted on the 9th of February, 2000, and are applicable to anyone under age 20.