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Guideline of Emergency Allowance

update date : 2023-09-27
國立成功大學境外生急難救助金實施要點 Guidelines of Emergency Allowance for International Students of National Cheng Kung University

105年5 月17 日104 學年度第4次校務基金管理委員會議通過

Approved at the 4th Endowment Fund Management Committee meeting on May 17, 2016


Approved at the 181st administrative meeting on June 15, 2016


Approved at the 209th Administrative Meeting on September 15, 2021


Approved at the 215th Administrative Meeting on December 21, 2022


1. The National Cheng Kung University (hereinafter referred to as the School) has developed the “Guidelines of Emergency Allowances for International Students” to provide timely support to international students who suffer from major illnesses, accidents or family misfortunes, natural disasters, man-made disasters, severe infectious diseases, or the occurrence of other force majeure events, and to help them complete their schooling with fewer financial worries.   



2. The allowance highlighted in these guidelines will be disbursed from the special account: "Emergency Allowance for International Students," which is funded by charitable donations. 







3. Criteria and amount of emergency allowance for international students:   

(1) Those who suffer from a major injury or illness requiring hospitalization for over 1 week with over TWD$ 50,000 medical expenses may apply up to a maximum of 50% of the medical expenses.   

(2) Those who meet the criteria for a severe illness as defined by the National Health Insurance Administration and who have TWD$ 50,000 medical expenses may apply up to a maximum of 50% of the medical expenses.   

(3) Other circumstances according to the announcement: Up to TWD$10,000 in subsidies.





4. Application time:

(1) If the conditions in the first and second paragraphs of the first item of the preceding point are met, the applicant must submit an application within three months after the payment of all medical expenses.

(2) In other cases, the applicant must submit an application according to the date announced by the Office of International Affairs.






5. Application and review procedures:

(1) Applicants must fill in the application form (as attached), and attach photocopies of the front and back of their student IDs, alien resident certificates, and relevant supporting documents. International students should apply to the International Student Affairs Division of the Office of International Affairs; overseas Chinese students should apply to the Overseas and Mainland Chinese Students Affairs Division of the Office of International Affairs.

(2) After approval by the Office of International Affairs, the emergency allowance will be directly remitted to the personal account of the applicant, or the Cashier Division will issue a check to the applicant. 

Each incident is subject to a single application only. 



6. Further amendments to these guidelines are subject to the approval of the Endowment Fund Management Committee and an administrative meeting before becoming officially implemented.

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