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Certificate of Scholarship

update date : 2022-08-01


Q1:How do I apply for the "Certificate of Scholarship Award in Chinese (English)"?


Step 1: Go to Online Services - Scholarship Inquiry System (http://sgd.adm.ncku.edu.tw/scholarship/)

Step 2: Select "Certificate of Award", enter your student number and course selection password, and open the WORD file for printing.

Step 3: Please print out the colour and prepare the required number of copies and send them to the Student Assistance Division for stamping.

Note: The certificate can only be issued for the awards accepted by the  Student Assistance Division , please contact the case officer for the certificate of the award.



Q2:  How do I apply for the "Certificate of No Other Scholarship in the Current Semester"?

A2:Please check the name of the scholarship you want to apply for and bring your student ID card (with the current semester's "Register" stamp) to the Student Assistance Division for application.

The Student Assistance Division will issue the Certificate, but in addition to the name of the award applied for, the Certificate must also be marked "This is the Xth document issued for the current semester" for the discretion of the issuing unit. (According to the resolution of the second review meeting of the 92nd academic year scholarship on October 14, 1992).




1. If it is received by the NCKU, it will be issued by the Student Assistance Division.

2. Students who have already applied for this certificate, please do not apply again for the awards announced in NCKU.

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