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update date : 2024-04-25


National Health Insurance(NHI) in Taiwan 台灣全民健保


National Health Insurance Act

A. Regulations

National Health Insurance is a compulsory social insurance, those who have lived in Taiwan for at least 6 months with an Alien Residence Certificate (ARC) should enroll in NHI.
A foreign resident who holds a Resident Certificate in Taiwan may apply for National Health Insurance after a full 6 months of residence (having continuously stayed in Taiwan for 6 months or having stayed in Taiwan for 6 months with a departure for less than 30 days; the actual duration of residence excludes the number of days spent abroad).

B. Insurance premium payment method and amount

In accordance with the regulations, the university will include the health insurance premiums payable by overseas students in the tuition and fees bill for each semester, and the student will pay it at the same time when he/she registers.
The insurance fee for overseas students is NT$826 per month (according to the current fee schedule of the Health Insurance Bureau). The insurance fee is payable from September to February (NT$4,956) for the first semester and from March to August (NT$4,956) for the second semester.
However,  to protect the safety of students, before they  are eligible to enroll in the health insurance, they must apply for international student medical insurance , and the university will help to apply for it at a rate of $500 per month.

C. Transfer to the NCKU to apply for NHI

Situation1: New arrivals and freshmen who have lived in Taiwan for less than 6 month.
International student medical insurance is required.
Situation2: Newly admitted students who have resided in Taiwan for 6 months.
The Overseas Students and Scholars Services (OSSS) will assist you in enrolling in NHI and send application form to the Central Health Insurance Bureau for verification and card production. You will be notified to pick up your card at the OSSS via Line or E-mail.
Situation3: You have already applied for insurance in other institution, but would like to transfer to NCKU to apply for insurance.
Please go to the original insured institution (e.g. language school, workplace, district/township office) for health insurance transfer and obtain a health insurance transfer form or certificate of transfer before coming to OSSS to apply for health insurance transfer.
Situation4: You are already insured at another institution and are not transferring to NCKU.
Please inform the case officer at the OSSS and check your tuition and miscellaneous fee payment slips at the beginning of each semester to avoid duplication of payments.

D.Transfer-out of National Health Insurance

Students who are under graduation/ suspension/ withdrawal/ expulsion, OSSS would carry out the Transfer-Out procedure. Students would have to participate in National Health Insurance by they own or employer if they are not leaving Taiwan.
For school resumption students, please submit the NHI card and stamped Student ID photocopy to OSSS after registration to apply for Transfer-In.

E. Loss OR Damage IC card:

Head to National Health Insurance Department Southern District Business Group (Address: No. 96, Gongyuan Road, West Central District, Tainan City, 700203    Tel: 06 224 5678)
Complete Application Form for IC card Replacement
Photocopy of ARC (front & back)
Processing Fee: NTD 200.00


F. Remark

*You may apply for a health insurance card after enrolling in health insurance, but only the first time a health insurance card is issued free of charge; after the second time, a card production fee of NT$200 is required.

*New students may apply for health insurance if they have been in Taiwan for 6 months and are allowed to leave the country once within 6 months for no more than 30 days.

*Health insurance is mandatory and failure to enroll after qualifying for health insurance may result in a fine of $3,000 to $5,000.

*If you overstay your residence permit or change your visa, your health insurance will be invalidated, and you should apply for ISMI International Student Medical Insurance at the International Office.

*If you continue to stay in Taiwan after graduation, you need to go to the National Health Insurance Bureau to apply for health insurance transfer and pay health insurance premiums, otherwise, you will be charged for the arrears.

*A foreign resident will lose NHI entitlement once their Resident Certificate expires, and they will be withdrawn from the NHI.

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