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Application Notice

update date : 2023-07-18




The Chinese Course for International Degree Students was opened in the 1995 academic year and was a general education course entrusted by the International Affairs Office of the school. The purpose of the class is to help our international students with language problems in their studies and life, help them adapt to the school and integrate into the living environment.


icon Course content:

The center offers about 20 special Chinese classes every semester. The class period is determined by the number of weeks in the school semester. Currently, there are classes from Level 1 to Level 6. According to the level of students at all levels, the textbooks are selected from the first volume of "Contemporary Chinese Course", the second and third volumes of "New Version of Practical Audio-visual Chinese", and the third volume of "Far East Living Chinese", including dialogues, new words, Grammar, exercises, classroom activities, culture, comprehensive exercises, practical corpus, etc. International students who take the 2-hour Chinese special class every week, whose grades meet the study standards and are in good attendance, can apply for credits for basic Chinese.

icon How to apply:

Online application assignments are required through the student course selection system provided by National Cheng Kung University.

icon Application time:

After completing the registration, you will apply for the Chinese special class according to the online opening time of the current semester. The application time is divided into the first stage and the second stage.

icon Relevant information:

For more information about application, please refer to【Application for Chinese Class
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