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update date : 2022-08-01

1. All fees are estimated at the minimum standard, and each fee will be increased by about 3%-5% annually.

2. Currency unit: New Taiwan Dollar (NTD).


Bicycle and motorcycle are the main means of  transportation in National Cheng Kung University:

  1. Bicycles:
    One of the indispensable means of transportation on the campus of Cheng Kung University. Bicycles can be purchased from the bicycle maintenance department on the Shengli Campus. The price ranges from NT1000-NT1500.

  2. Motorcycle:
    If you want to buy a second-hand motorcycle as a means of transportation, you must be careful. If necessary, you can ask the senior to recommend it to avoid buying stolen or other problematic motorcycles. The price of a motorcycle starts from NT39,980, and the more popular models cost around  NT55,000. The monthly fuel costs are about NT300 to NT600 depending on the distance traveled. In addition, you need to apply for a motorcycle license and purchase mandatory motorcycle insurance. 

Exchange of foreign driver's license for Taiwan driver's license


Required documents:

  1. Identity documents (original and photocopy):
    Nationals with nationality of R.O.C. and have household registration in the Taiwan area should submit national I.D. card or military I.D. card.
    For those who hold formal driving licenses issued by foreign government, Mainland China area, Hong Kong or Macau and obtain staying permit or residence permit for more than 6 months, they can submit the application the next day after entry.

  2. Three one-inch color photos with glossy single-color background, without wearing hat, with clear facial features, bust shot, and were taken within past 2 years. Do not use image synthesis.

  3. Original passport and its photocopy.

  4. Original overseas driving license within the expiration and its photocopy (verification application required).

  5. Automobile (motorcycle) driving license registration form with qualified health examination.

  6. Proof of entry/exit record.



Driving license fee: NT$200



  1. If the driving license is in a foreign language except English, a copy of translation in Chinese shall be provided and it must be verified by our embassy, representative office, the office or by domestic public notary.

  2. Driving licenses issued in Mainland China area shall be verified by the institutions established or appointed by Executive Yuan or private groups entrusted. After passing written exam, people from Mainland China could apply for the driving license in our country.

  3. Driving licenses issued in Hong Kong or Macau should be verified by the institutions established or appointed in Hong Kong or Macau by Executive Yuan or private groups entrusted.

  4. Driving licenses issued by other countries or regions shall be verified by our embassies, representative offices, offices, or other institutions authorized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or foreign institutions in Taiwan that are authorized by foreign embassies in Taiwan, foreign governments or regions and agreed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in our country for handling the business of document verification.

  5. According to the official letter from Ministry of Transportation and Communications, the principles of handling the exchange of motorcycle driving licenses issued by the governments in our reciprocal countries for the motorcycle driving license in our country are “if the driving license issuing country does not handle it according to the level of engine displacement or horsepower, it can be exchanged to the general heavy motorcycle driving license in our country based on the above regulations. If a driving training certificate on large heavy motorcycle for more than 32 hours but less than 43 hours is provided, a driving license for large heavy motorcycle with a cubic capacity not exceeding 550 cm³ will be issued. However, a driving license for large heavy motorcycle with a cubic capacity exceeding 550 cm³ will be issued if a driving training certificate on large heavy motorcycle for more than 43 hours is provided.


Office Location

No. 1, Chongde Road, East District, Tainan City, Taiwan 70102, R.O.C.

Main Office:06-2696678 Fax:06-2697627 E-mail:thbup301@thb.gov.tw


Road Test Simulation Animation :



Procedure of Applying Driving License : [Download]



3. Bus:【Tainan bus fare inquiry

(1) You can take the Tainan City Bus to places other than National Cheng Kung University.

(2) The route is simple and can directly reach the destination, but the frequency is less.

(3) Bus stop: Shengli Road and University intersection.

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