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Overseas Alumni Association

update date : 2022-08-01

National Cheng Kung University Global Alumni Information Network


NCKU.net is the global Internet site for alumni of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU). This site provides a platform for NCKU, current students, alumni graduates and alumni associations to serve and connect with each other. 

We are a group of NCKU alumni living around the world. Based on our love for NCKU and Taiwan, we established the NCKU.net web design team to combine the best talents from various fields to create and design a dedicated web site for our global NCKU students. 

The most important spirit of this website is to become a portal for alumni and alumni associations around the world, so that alumni from all over the world can use this website as a starting window when they need to search for information. We hope to combine our alumni and alumni groups with the Google Map technology, which has never been done before, and to present the integrated information in the most interesting way. 

While we strive to share resources, we are also very conscious of privacy issues and have taken many precautions and designs to ensure that alumni personal information is not leaked. The NCKU.net website has been in development for more than 10 years, and many dedicated volunteers have shared this responsibility during this decade.

In 2012, we took stock of our past experience and the most pertinent suggestions from NCKU alumni around the world and revamped our homepage with a new energy, clearly defining core values that all NCKU alumni can recognize and bring a unique pride to our alumni. We welcome alumni from all over the world to join the NCKU.net family and serve the public as volunteers. 

Finally, we would like to thank all alumni who have contributed their money and our alma mater, National Cheng Kung University, for their long-standing support and for providing the strongest backing for our vision.


Overseas Alumni Association
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