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Food & Drink

update date : 2022-08-01


On-Campus : Student Dormitory Restaurants:

  1. There are currently two student dormitory cafeterias located on the basement of the Kuang-Fu Building in the Kuang-Fu Campus (光復校區) ( Kuang-Fu Cafeteria), and on the basement of the Ching-Yeh Building in the Ching-Yeh Campus (敬業校區) (Ching-Yeh Cafeteria). The Housing Services Division is responsible for the management of the cafeterias, the Health Center is responsible for the supervision of the cafeterias, and the General Affairs Office is responsible for the repair and procurement of cafeteria equipment.

  2. The student cafeteria will serve meals based on the principles of "good quality, low price, and hygiene first", and all dining privileges are posted on the Housing Services Division website and the cafeteria bulletin board.

  3. Each semester, the questionnaire will be conducted to understand the needs and suggestions of faculty, staff, and students for the Cafeteria and will be used to evaluate the Cafeteria contractors and make suggestions for improvement. In addition, our University will keep an eye on the hygiene of the Cafeteria through the  "Dining Committee". 

  4. For suggestions on the cafeteria, please contact the Housing Services Division directly by calling the campus extension (86346) or by fax (06-2003273).

NCKU On-Campus Dining Services Website


Restaurants near the University:

Yule Street (育樂街) is the most gourmet place near the University, and the prices are generally around NT55-80, mainly for simple meals and fried rice. In addition, Changrong Road (長榮路) is also a good place to go, where you can buy different flavors of simple food from Yule Street, and the price is similar to Yule Street.

All fees are estimated at the minimum standard and are subject to an annual increase of 3% to 5%.

Currency: New Taiwan Dollar (NTD)


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