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Buddy Buddy

update date : 2022-08-01

Office of International Affairs Volunteer Recruitment for Buddy-Buddy Program


A. Purpose of Establishment: 

In order to enhance NCKU to become a world-class university, campus internationalization is one of the recent development priorities. In recent years, NCKU has actively promoted exchange students' mutual visits and studies. It is expected that the number of foreign students on campus will increase year by year in the future. In order to respond to this trend and enable incoming foreign students to adapt to campus life at the early stage of their arrival, a reception volunteer group is specially established to provide related services.


B. Service content : 

To assist in degree students and exchange students to get familiar with Tainan and NCKU


C. Service Requirement:  

Students who serve as reception volunteers need to be fully received within the required time schedule in order to be able to serve as reception volunteers. 

Reception time for the whole process: one week before and after the start of the semester, contact by email before the semester begins, and assist in person after the semester begins.


D. Recruiting target: 

Students with enthusiasm and basic English communication skills.


E. Application schedule: 

Please pay attention to the recruitment information announced by the Overseas Student and Scholars Services  of the Office International Affairs in May each year. Interested applicants can directly download the application form and send it to the case officer. Training workshops and briefings will be notified separately after the selection is completed.

Note: First-time applicants who do not show up for the volunteer briefing will not be assigned reception duties.


F: Length of Service: 

At least one academic year of service. Those who have completed more than one year of service, have good performance and voluntarily continue to serve may be retained.


G. Notes:

  1. All volunteers should attend the "Volunteer Workshop".

  2. Volunteers should inform the team leader immediately if you encounter any problems during the service period, and contact the office immediately if you cannot handle the problem.

  3. During the service period, volunteers should pay special attention to your own safety. If necessary, you can ask your classmates or friends to accompany them.

  4. During the reception, emotional issues should be avoided.

  5. During the service period, volunteers are not obligated to pay any fees or advance any money on behalf of foreign students, such as dormitory deposits, fares, meals, entertainment or other expenses.

  6. If a foreign student or teacher arrives too early or too late for the flight, the volunteer should ask his/her classmate or friend to accompany him/her to the airport. If you cannot find a friend to accompany you to the airport, you can contact our case officer to arrange another volunteer.

  7. When receiving foreign students and teachers, volunteers should do their best to help them adapt to the environment out of their enthusiasm for service and should not treat them differently based on whether they are Chinese students or speak Chinese fluently.

  8. During the service period, volunteers should leave their contact information to foreign students and inform them that they can contact you directly if they have any questions.

  9. Volunteers should remind foreign students to abide by the important precautions and accommodation regulations recorded in the school's student handbook.

  10. Foreign students will be asked to fill out a volunteer survey. Volunteers with excellent  performance will be rewarded and publicly commended on our website. For unsuitable volunteers, their volunteer status will be suspended.

  11. If there is any change in the communication method and email address of volunteers, please inform our case officer by email (11008070@gs.ncku.edu.tw) immediately.

Welcome to join the International Affairs Office reception volunteers!

Contact us at https://www.facebook.com/nckuBuddyBuddyProgram/ 

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