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Incoming Exchange FAQ

update date : 2023-03-22



You can apply for the student exchange program as a "fee-paying exchange student" for one semester or for one year, since your home school does not have a bilateral agreement with NCKU. For the required documents please refer to the relevant website of the Office of International Affairs (OIA).
Please provide a bank statement showing your name and showing that there are sufficient funds in your bank account to cover your expenses for the duration of your student exchange period. The currency can by that of your country.
Students just need to click "register" on the login-in menu to set their own IDs (email account) and passwords on the home web page of the student exchange portal.
Professors up to write the recommendation letter in their own style. The format is up to you and the professors. Please the make the sure letter of the name and title of your referrer in print, in addition to his/her signature and date You may Use  your autobiography to introduce yourself, including information about your personal background, personality, schools, extra activities, or learning path.
The results will be published in December for the Spring Semester and in June for the Fall Semester.
No, hardcopy mailing of your letters is not required. However, if your referrers give you their letters of recommendation in sealed envelopes and are not comfortable with you opening these envelopes, you may mail the original copies to us. For such case, you may u pload a statement explaining this situation in place of the recommendation letters to complete the online application.
For your English language proficiency certificate, you may provide your university entrance diploma or possibly any certificate of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR). Please note that although most NCKU student exchange programs do not require such certificates, there are a Few programs that do.
There is no minimum GPA requirement set by the Student Exchange Program. However, some departments require applicants to have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
Your study plan can include a list of courses that you plan to take during the exchange period. Also, a statement about why you have decided to study abroad at NCKU as an exchange sudent will help the reviewers to determine whether NCKU is a good match for You in terms of your academic path.
You may use your electronic statement if it includes the following information:
  •   Your name and account/bank information (name and address)
  •   Up to date savings account balance
This option is not available after you submit your application.
You may apply for the department that is similar to your own major. You may also contact the faculty members of your area of ​​study and find a faculty members who is willing to be your adviser by email. 
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We suggest that all exchange students purchase their travel insurance, which covers medical emergencies and accidents, in their home countries before departing for Taiwan, to have full coverage during your entire student exchange period in Taiwan. If you do not purchase such insurance in your home country, you will need to purchase this insurance during registration for the remaining period of your stay here.


Health Examination

You can take the health examination after you arrived here. You may check with the Health Center on the registration day about the discounted health-check schedule available.
The physical examination is required for every new student including both overseas and local students. If you get the proof document shown as the form in Appendix 4 from your home country, you don’t need to take the vaccine at NCKU hospital, but the new student health examination is still required. There are two types of physical examination which students should conduct depending on their identification documents - ARC, resident visa, or visitor visa.
There is a discounted period in the beginning of a semester. OIA will inform you about the fees and schedule once available.



It's 09:00 ~ 17:00 (one hour of lunch break). After hour check-in is available; only that you will get to move in first and finish the paperwork the day after during the regular office hours. There will always be One staff on duty in the check-in office, 24 hours / day. 
Roommates are assigned by the Division of Housing Service. Notes you leave about your roommate in NCKU incoming portal will be forwarded to the Division of Housing Service and they will see if they can accommodate your request.
You may cancel your on-campus accommodation. However, please pay attention to the schedule of the Division of Housing Service about the deadlines to avoid any penalties.
Early check-in is available. Please refer to the schedule of of the Division of Housing Service. As long as you finish the online housing contract, your dormitory space is secured.

To apply for housing at Prince Hall, please email at nckuservice@prince.com.tw.

Your NCKU student ID will be required as part of the application process.



The documents that must be brought with you are as follows
(1) Copy of passport identification page
(2) Copy of passport visa
(3) At least five 2-inch headshots
(4) A copy of overseas insurance during your exchange period
(5) Health checklist
(6) Admission certificate
(7) Cash  for GSI or insurance
And please complete the various forms required for registration.


Filling Out Personal Information

Yes, you may update your personal information after you arrive at NCKU. The system does not allow any updates. The errors currently in your account will not be a problem. Please just remember to make the corrections later. Please mark the errors on the printout in red and write down the correct information that needs to be updated during registration at our university.
1. Before you download the PDF from the system, open the Adobe Reader on your computer and have it ready. Then, open the downloaded PDF and see if the page is printable.
2. Update the Adobe Reader version on your computer, then follow step 1 above.
3. Try on a different computer.


Bank Account

Possible. You will need to apply for a ARC after you enter Taiwan.
Information and the required form can be found here: National Immigration Agency, R.O.C. (Taiwan)-Notices for foreign nationals applying for an ID No.
Office in Charge: Local Tainan Office of the National Immigration Agency
Tainan City First Service Center:
     1. Agency Address: No.262, Section 1, Fu-Chien Road, West Central District, Tainan City, Taiwan (R.O.C.) (台南市中西區府前路一段262號)
     2.Telephone: 06-2937641
     3. Map: 臺南市第一服務站
With that number, you may open a bank account in Taiwan.  The Campus Post Office is recommended due to its convenient campus location.



Please be advised there are no financial aids available to incoming exchange students.


Facilities Around School

At the beginning of each semester, an event is held during which you can repossess a used bike for free, if you are registered as a student at NCKU. The venue is the area next to the K-3 Dormitory. The exact time period of this event varies from semester to semester.  

In addition, there are some bicycle repair shops on campus, and they have both new and used bicycles for sale. You may check with your receiving department about these facilities.


Tuition and Payment

I am afraid that there is no other way to make payments at NCKU other than in cash (NT dollars). We apologize for this inconvenience.
Yes, the NCKU tuition is waived for incoming exchange students under bilateral agreements with our partner universities.
You may print your payment stub before the semester begins from  臺灣銀行-學雜費入口網 (bot.com.tw) With this payment stub, you may make the payment at  (1) Any branch of the Bank of Taiwan  (2) Any branch of the Post Office. However, the dormitory fee payment sheet will be issued to you when you check in. All payments have to be made in NTD cash.


Course Enrollment and Lectures

You have been accepted by the Department of Business Administration. Like all NCKU students, you are allowed to take modules from other departments or institutes, not limited to the ones of your receiving department. There is no minimum number of modules required by the Department of Business Administration (subject to change). There is also no appeal period. All applications have been processed and there is no way to change your receiving department at this point in time.
The add-form is used only for courses that you not able to be enrolled in through the regular online enrollment procedure. So, for A9 courses, you will have to add them in Stage 3 like every NCKU student. After Stage 3, your add-forms will be processed by your department based on the NCKU calendar.

There are two types of Chinese language classes available.

1. Free Chinese language class, 2 hours/week, non-credit.

2. The regular Chinese language course, with tuition fees, offered by the Chinese Language Center of NCKU. Please click the following link to review the program information https://kclc.ncku.edu.tw/tw

You will be able to enroll yourself in other departments or graduate programs, if the courses are available and the instructors agree with your proposal during your enrollment period.
For any course that is fully booked, places MAY be released later due to students' updating their course selections during different stages. So, please check frequently for courses of your choice. You may consult the office of your own department for assistance in taking courses fully booked during the first week of the semester. For general education courses, if you do not obtain a desired course in any of the scheduled periods, the center of General Education will do their best to add one general education course of your choice for you.

Courses you may find here


Courses offered previously at NCKU can be reviewed by selecting a semester of a certain year. Please note that academic year 110 means AY2021 (adding “1911” gets the AD year) and semester 1 means the fall semester and semester 2 the spring semester.

Total number of contact hours for a 3-credit course here is 54 hours. This number is calculated by multiplying 3 hours per week with 18 weeks in a semester.
"Group courses" are default course in your account based on your year in a program. This function bypasses the prerequisite requirements of the "group courses." But, once these courses have been cancelled, they are gone. For such courses, please seek assistance from your department office during the first week of the semester.
Please check NCKU Department Requirements or confirm with your host department. The maximum allowable number of credits for all NCKU undergraduate students is 25 credits per semester.

1. Those courses are the default courses for all students of that academic year of a given program. You may drop any course that you do not want to take, starting from the 1st stage of the online course enrollment.

2. During the 1st stage, you are allowed to select courses for your academic year within your receiving department ONLY. For courses offered for other academic years and from other departments (including graduate courses), you may begin these selections starting from the 2nd stage.

3. You should check the course catalogue (https://course.ncku.edu.tw/index.php) in advance and plan a timetable ahead of time. You can then carry out your course selection based on your timetable during the course selection stages. Please have a longer list of potential courses, in case some of your selections are not available.

General education and sports courses can be booked during the first stage and other following stages. However, the final enrollment list will be determined by an electronic random selection process. The results will be announced in the course enrollment system (online).
"M" stands for master; "D" stands for doctor; "MD" stands for master and doctor; "M" for night time means that course is offered for vocational students. "M" for night time courses are not available for exchange students. Courses of other departments or institutes can be Selected starting from the 2nd stage. During the 1st stage, you may add or drop courses of your own institute only. This is applicable for all NCKU students.
Yes, you may drop this Chinese language course later on, because this course a non-credit and optional language class. However, please inform the instructor that you are dropping the course and, if possible, provide the instructor with the reason why.
If the course is taught in English, the instruction and materials, including the grading, will be in English. If the course is taught in Chinese, the instruction will be in Chinese. Regarding other course materials, you will need to check in advance with the Instructors of each module respectively for further information.
You do not need to meet with your instructors before you enroll in their courses. In addition, the instructors do not have the right to reserve places of their courses. As an incoming exchange student, you will be able to start your course enrollment online before the semester starts.

The application for the Chinese Language Center and the Student Exchange Program are separate. For the exchange program, you may want to evaluate first if you are interested in any of the courses taught in English here. You need to apply to and be accepted by the department of your major. You can take courses across disciplines, however, openings in out of department classes may not be guaranteed. In the Student Exchange Program, exchange students can sign up for a free Chinese language class. This class is a 2 hour/week, non-credit course. If, in addition, you decide to take Chinese language courses from the Chinese Language Center of NCKU, you will need to follow the application procedures of the center.


The exact exam dates and times are set by the instructors. You will have to check with the instructors. However, please note that the instructors are not obligated to change the exam schedule for special situations of individual students. It is up to the Instructor's discretion.
The language medium of the tests is determined by the course instructor, if it is not an English-taught module. Students may confirm with the instructors AFTER acceptance by the exchange program.



We will issue you an acceptance letter and a certificate of admission. A hardcopy will be mailed to you. Please use these documents in your visa application and remember to apply for a visitor's visa.
You do not need a resident visa to be eligible for opening a bank account. You may apply for a Uniform ID Number as a non-citizen and then use that ID Number to open a bank account in Taiwan.

Yes. You will need to apply for a visiting visa with F/S remarks.

"Students admitted to an exchange student program must apply for a Taiwan (ROC)  visitor visa  with annotation "FS" followed by the name of the university, prior to entering Taiwan. When necessary, students may apply for a visa extension in Taiwan.  Please be advised not to enter the country with a landing visa, which may not be extended . More information may be found at Bureau of Consular Affairs ( BOCA )

If this requirement is from the ROC visa application, you may fill in the contact information of an NCKU student exchnage program (SEP) coordinator. For his/her ID number, you may enter “not available.”

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