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Degree Application Schedule

update date : 2023-11-30


NCKU International Student Degree (& Dual degree) Program Admission Application Schedule
Term Fall Semester Spring Semester
Application Period Mid January ~ 30 March July - 30 September
Application Deadline 30 March 30 September
Admission & Scholarship Result 31 May 15 November
Admission Letters Issued 20 June 05 December


  1. Register for only ONE account 

  • Please use your e-mail address as your username to register (also verify) on the admission website “NCKU International Students Admission System”.

  • General degree & Dual degree applicants, please complete the online application (check out the application portal) before the deadline.

  1. Log in to complete the online application to receive the application serial number.

  2. Pay the application fee of NT$2,000 will be charged for each applicant.

  3. Upload all supporting documents/files (PDF files only), also the department/institute additional required documents.

  4. Please follow the online application step by step to complete and submit the application, notification email to recommenders will be sent after sumbission.



  1. Applicants with more than one account would be taken as invalid.

  2. Once the online application is confirmed and submitted, applicants cannot change the application information or the departments/institutes to which they applied.

  3. Applicants may apply for at most three departments/institutes, and at most only one group within a/an department/institute.

  4. Applicants may choose only one program to study once admitted.

  5. Late, ineligible, or incomplete applications will not be processed. Moreover, no application documents will be returned for any reason, and the application fee is nonrefundable.

Application Information

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