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College/Department Level Exchange Student

update date : 2022-04-13

1. Sample of the request for approval issued by the school department (please click me

If there are special cases that need to be coordinated by various office, please submit a letter (request for approval on campus) to the Office of  International Affairs;
If there are no special matters, please follow the instructions on the website of the International Student Affairs Office to handle the admission  of exchange students. Letters need not be delivered to the International Student Affairs to shorten the official document process.

Applicable to exchange students from departments and institutes;Please use this signature letter structure as the main basis, and modify it according to the situation of the college, department, and institute.Please attach the emergency contact information. The contact person needs to coordinate with the emergency care of students due to school security incidents.

If you want to receive information about the activities of SA, please fill in the student information online, so that we can send relevant information. (https://goo.gl/xdgsYx)

Note: About Insurance

Regarding the insurance of exchange students at your institution, please inform them that they must purchase overseas safety insurance before arriving   to avoid accidents during their stay in Taiwan.

If students are unable to purchase overseas insurance in their country, please refer to the insurance information on our website and assist students to take out insurance directly. (please click me)

*Department-Level Exchange Students (one semester / one academic year) Various Insurance Descriptions (please click me)


2. Short-term intern 

Short-term interns need to send a letter from the inviting unit to the Ministry of Education to apply for a visa. Interns do not have the school status of our school, please refer to:

(1)International Scholar: https://web.ncku.edu.tw/p/405-1000-160852,c19276.php?Lang=zh-tw 

(2)National Immigration Agency: https://www.immigration.gov.tw/np.asp?ctNode=36865

(3)外國籍學生至中華民國各級學校及教育機構實習要點: https://edu.law.moe.gov.tw/LawContent.aspx?id=GL001270

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