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Overseas Chinese Degree FAQ

update date : 2022-05-02

incoming-General Questions


The term "Overseas Chinese Student" is reserved for those who were born overseas and resided there until the present time, or have stayed overseas for more than six consecutive years and have a permanent or long-term residence certificate. Note that for those applying to study in the departments of medicine, dentistry, or Chinese medicine at Taiwan universities, the minimum required number of consecutive years of overseas residency is eight years. The Overseas Chinese Student status must be validated by the Overseas Compatriots Affairs Commission (OCAC).

A Hong Kong or Macau resident with proof of uninterrupted residency in Hong Kong, Macau or a foreign country for at least the last six years, but for students applying to study in the department of medicine, dentistry or Chinese medicine, the required period of residency shall be no less than eight years. An individual with a Hong Kong or Macau passport or permanent residency.An individual applying to study in Taiwan in accordance with the Regulations for Hong Kong and Macau Residents Studying in Taiwan. Students from Hong Kong and Macao are entitled to the same study and counseling assistance as “overseas compatriot students” during their periods of study in Taiwan.

I) Apply through University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students, Taiwan. For applicants with qualified identity, the Distribution Procedures for applicants would be taken through Entrance Examination or Direct Application with eligible highest education results. Once the identity as an OCS or HMS has been approved and given, applicants are not allowed to change their identification.

II) Apply through NCKU Individual Enrollment Program of OCS & HMS. This program started in the Fall of 2017.

We mainly review applicants’ high school grades; however, you can also provide other relevant test results or score reports for reference.

Except for specific transfer cases, foreign students have to apply for admission to universities in Taiwan. Please submit your high school diploma to apply for admission, applicant can also provide university transcripts that may benefit the review procedure. Once admitted, you should start from the first year but you can apply for credits exemption or grade-skipping in accordance with the regulations of your department.

Yes, but you need to compete with local students by taking transfer exams; once admitted, you can still retain the qualification of Overseas Chinese students. For more transfer details, please contact NCKU General Academic Affairs Division.

incoming-Education related


Yes. For fresh graduates, kindly apply with a high school degree, attach your Degree/ Associate degree/Advanced Diploma transcript for reference.

incoming-Application document


Yes. You can provide language proficiency score reports issued by certified institutions (e.g. SPM, UEC, SAT, DSE, etc.) and further clarify on your application document to let your department be informed of your language proficiency. However, whether it will affect the review is determined by the evaluation of the department.

School name can be omitted. For Example: Taiwanese primary school for 5 years (include transfer) + American school 6-12 years.

You can provide school certification as a substitute (The certificate must include the proportion of classes teaching by English); however, whether it will affect the review is determined by the evaluation of the department.

incoming-Recommendation letter(s)


Please follow the application guidelines to prepare your recommendation letter. We do not have any restriction on recommender’s qualification.

Recommendation letter can be in any format and must include recommender’s signature before scanning as PDF document.

The language option on the recommendation letter submission system can be changed to “English” by clicking the dropdown menu on the upper-right corner of the webpage.

Please ask your recommender to double-check their [spam] mailbox. If notification email is still not received by your recommender, please contact us directly.

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