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Divisions & Affairs

International Relations Division

The International Relations Division is primarily engaged in promoting and facilitating the international collaborations and exchange programs with mainly academic institutions around the world.

  1. Promote collaboration with academic institutions both at home and abroad.
  2. Plan and coordinate collaborative activities with sister universities.
  3. Receive visiting foreign scholars and arrange their itineraries.
  4. Promote joint-collaborative research projects with foreign universities.
  5. Invite world-renowned scholars to the university for lectures and joint research projects.
  6. Assist faculty and students with applications for international exchange scholarships and internships.
  7. Offer Administrative support for international conferences held at this university.

International Student Affairs Division

The International Student Affairs Division serves as a vital platform connecting the NCKU administration with international students and visiting scholars to our University. International Student Affairs Division is mainly engaged in the following services:

  1. Coordinate with the Housing Service Division on dormitory application for international students
  2. Be responsible for the affairs in regard to international student scholarship application in the university
  3. Be responsible for the affairs about Taiwan Scholarship of international students in the university, including granting the scholarship to students each month
  4. Conduct monthly affairs regarding the National Health Insurance for international students
  5. Organize the international student orientation and other adaptation activities
  6. Provide free information and consultations to international students
  7. Assist international students in applying for the off campus work-study

Overseas and Mainland Chinese Students Affairs Division

Counseling and providing aid on the living problems of overseas Chinese students in Taiwan.
In accordance with the overseas students' education government laws, we process all issues related to overseas Chinese students.

Internationalization Information and Service Division

Internationalization Information and Service Division assist with the Accounting for the Top University Project budget and internationalizational activities.