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Mitacs GRI Student Internship Program

update date : 2024-02-27

About Mitacs


Founded in 1999, Mitacs is a national non-profit organization supported by the Canadian government. Its purpose is to combine top research and enterprise needs, promote knowledge transfer between universities, enterprises and government, and help Canadian enterprises to innovate and grow. At present, it has long-term cooperation with 65 universities and more than 6,000 enterprises in Canada and around the world, assisting master's and post-doctoral students to enter various industrial internships, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Mitacs has grown rapidly over the past 20 years and has accumulated over 34,000 research collaborations to date.
Cheng University signed a memorandum of cooperation with Mitacs, a national non-profit organization supported by the Canadian government in 2019. The two parties and their companies will provide up to 15,000 Canadian dollars (about 345,000 Taiwan dollars) scholarships for master's, doctoral and postdoctoral students to the research units of the universities of the two countries. Exchange research or cooperate with enterprises in industry and academia, transform research technology into energy for industrial development, and promote the innovation and growth of enterprises in the two countries.

Globalink Research Internship(GRI)

Globalink Research Award (GRA)

Accelerate International


International Career Exploration

Academic Exchange

Industry-University Cooperation

Execution Time

3 months (12 weeks), internship in various research institutions in Canada.
3-6 months, follow the professor's research.
4-6 months, including at least 25% of the time in the company internship, 25% of the time in the university research.

Plan Content

(1) The third- and fourth-year students of the university department of our school can select up to 20 students from our school every year, and are encouraged to go to Canada for matchmaking and exchanges.
(2) Available subsidy items: including round-trip air tickets, local accommodation, insurance, tuition and miscellaneous fees, and local visit fees.
(3) Introduction (Appendix GRI webinar).
(1) Students can obtain research and training resources from top foreign universities, communicate with foreign professors and outstanding talents from around the world, and expand their international horizons.
(2) Instructors can cooperate with Canadian universities through students, and can also introduce Canadian students to link Canadian research capacity.
(1) Students gain work experience in international industries in the forward-looking field.
(2) Enterprises seek cutting-edge technologies for industrial upgrading and recruit high-quality talents.
(3) Instruct professors to establish industry-university cooperation with international enterprises.

Grant Provided

CAD12,000 (approximately NT$270,000)

CAD15,000 (approximately NT$350,000)

CAD6,000 (approximately NT$140,000)

How to Apply
and Download


▶▶Click here to download project template
▶▶Click here to download the global link application document
▶▶How to apply
▶▶ Instructions for filling out application documents

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Contact Method 

GRI Contact Person: Ms. Pai
Contact Number: 06-2757575 #50937
E-Mail: em50961@email.ncku.edu.tw
Address: 8F, West Wing, Yun-Ping Building, Guang-Fu Campus, No. 1, University Road, East District, Tainan City 701
GRA Contact Person: Ms.Kuo
Contact Number: 06-2757575 #36000-218
E-Mail: mitacs.application@gmail.com
Address: 701, 10F, Equipment Center, Tze-Chiang Campus, No. 1, University Road, East District, Tainan City



Due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, students are not recommended to go abroad in the short term, but for future internship opportunities abroad, it is still recommended that students plan ahead and seize the opportunity. We accept English resumes at any time and continue to provide matching services. If the match is successful, students can negotiate with the company and the professor about a suitable time to go abroad

Application Form Download

After the students are matched with the internship company or the Canadian instructor, they can apply for a subsidy from the International Industry-University Alliance of Chengdu University.
The application is currently open, and the system is on-the-go.
The number of grants is limited, so please seize the opportunity

       An introduction to all research programs is listed here. Over $50 million in total Government of Canada grant funding to support 96 research teams from across the country, allowing them to focus on developing and advancing measures to rapidly detect, manage and reduce the spread of COVID-19. →Application review result

       In order to enhance the bilateral anti-epidemic research and scientific and technological exchanges between Taiwan and Canada, and to further explore cooperation opportunities, the Science and Technology Group of the Ministry of Science and Technology in Canada plans to hold a meeting from 8:55 PM to 10:20 PM Canada time on May 12, 2020 (or 2020 Taiwan time). May 13, 8:55 AM to 10:20 AM (Taiwan time) for the "New Challenge of COVID-19 for New Normal" webinar, welcome to attend.

       Mila And Its Partners Rally The Scientific Community To Develop Novel Data-driven Solutions To Assist With COVID-19 Outbreak

       Funding, challenges, datasets, reports, research project

       The Artificial Intelligence Biotechnology Medical Innovation Research Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST AIBMRC) signed a memorandum of cooperation with Canada's Genie Technology Corporation (GenerationsE) on January 16 at Chenggong University. The two parties will cooperate to develop artificial intelligence to analyze the pathology of liver cancer and colorectal cancer. Slices to improve the accuracy of cancer diagnosis.

       Mitacs has long been a pioneer in Canada’s artificial inteIligence ecosystem, and we’ve built strong research collaborations between industry and academia for 20 years. With our knowledge and expertise, Mitacs enables Canadian companies to explore cutting edge artificial intelligence and creates a vital talent pipeline to maintain Canada’s leadership role.

       How Canada has become an AI technology town "Maple Valley" comparable to the "Silicon Valley" of the United States, so that Hinton, who is praised worldwide as the "father of deep learning", is far from his hometown in the United Kingdom and settled in Toronto; even Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Huida and other technology leaders Don't hesitate to spend a lot of money to invest?


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