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Directions for the Outgoing Exchange Students

update date : 2024-01-31


Directions for the Screening and Selection of Outgoing Exchange Students

at National Cheng Kung University

Approved in the 599th Supervisor Meeting on June 15, 2005
Amended in the 628th Supervisor Meeting on December 13, 2006
Amended in the 644th Supervisor Meeting on October 31, 2007
Amended in the 660th Supervisor Meeting on August 27, 2008
Amended in the 796th Supervisor Meeting on October 26, 2016
Amended in the 837th Supervisor Meeting on January 11, 2023

Amended in the 843th Supervisor Meeting on January 17, 2024

1. National Cheng Kung University (hereinafter “the University”) has enacted these directions to improve the quality of higher education, expand the international vision of students, and encourage students with outstanding academic performance to study in foreign universities.

2. Scope of application: Foreign universities that have exchange agreements with the University, with the subject of agreement being the University’s students of all departments.
3. Applicants should possess the following qualifications:
(1) Current sophomores and first-year master’s and doctoral students or higher. Transfer students who do not have any grade records at the University are not qualified to apply.
(2) Students who are not nationals of the Republic of China may participate in the screening and selection; however, they can not apply for universities in their country of origin. Students who receive government agency-funded scholarships may apply only if they meet the relevant requirements of the scholarship.
4. Application documents:
(1) Application form
(2) Original copies of Chinese transcripts from all previous years at the University (class ranking included)
(3) Research plan (master’s and Ph.D.) / study plan (undergraduates)
(4) Proof of language proficiency
(5) Autobiography (including education and work experience)
(6) Other information to assist the review
5.  Selection procedures and standards:
(1) Selection of university-level outgoing exchange students:

  1. After the Office of International Affairs (hereinafter “the Office”) announces the selection information, applicants must submit relevant documents that have been preliminarily reviewed and approved by their departments to the Study Abroad Division for the selection process.
  2. The Study Abroad Division shall send applicants application to the committee. The committee composed of representatives from various colleges of the University for reviewing and selection. The selection criteria shall follow the selection guidelines announced by the Office.
  3. The Study Abroad Division shall announce and notify the selection results within 30 working days after the application deadline. The Study Abroad Division shall assist the selected students in matters regarding nomination and admission to the exchange university.
  4. After the announcement of the admission list, the selected exchange students cannot request a change on their preferred schools.

(2) The procedures for screening and selecting students at colleges and departments for outgoing exchange programs shall be established by the respective colleges and departments.
(3) Current students of the University who apply for exchange programs on their own shall follow the regulations of foreign universities.
6. Exchange students’ status and relevant matters:
(1) During the exchange period, students must complete their registration and pay tuition fees in accordance with the University’s regulations. However, if the exchange agreement stipulates that students must pay tuition fees to the foreign university, they are exempt from paying tuition fees for the University. Living expenses, insurance premiums, airfares, visa fees, and other expenses shall be covered by the students themselves or handled in accordance with the agreement.
(2) Applicants must be current students when applying for the exchange program and their period abroad; they must not be suspended or have graduated.
(3) Before going abroad, students shall report to their respective departments or colleges and fully communicate matters regarding credit waivers and transference. After returning to Taiwan, said matters shall be processed in accordance with the regulations of each department and college.
(4) Students who are draftees shall apply for deferment of their military service at the Student Affairs Division before going abroad. The University shall send official requests to the military service agencies in each county and city to apply for relevant exemptions. Students shall then bring their official letter of approval together with their passports to acquire a stamp of approval for departure at the military service agencies in their respective county and city.

(5) Upon being selected as an exchange student through the selection process, the individual is required to submit a deposit. Except for force majeure, students who are selected as exchange students may not relinquish their exchange student status or drop out during the exchange period. Those who choose to give up or discontinue their status as exchange students will forfeit the entire deposit.

(6) After students obtain an admission permit for the exchange university, they shall complete matters regarding their passport, visa, accommodation, and application for course selection. In addition, they shall arrange their schedules based on the start date of the exchange university.
(7) Upon the conclusion of their exchange and return to Taiwan, students shall submit a report on their exchange experience within the stipulated period, as well as participate in the exchange student seminar the following year to share their experience. In addition, they shall assist exchange students from foreign universities to adapt to their lives in Taiwan when they first arrive at the University.
(8) Upon completing registration procedures at foreign universities, students are considered students of said universities and shall abide by their regulations. They must not become involved in matters that damage the reputation of those universities, and violators shall be punished in accordance with university regulations.
7. Matters not mentioned herein shall be handled in accordance with the exchange agreements of each exchange university.

8. These guidelines shall be implemented upon approval in the Supervisor Meeting, and the same applies to any amendments.

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