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Grant for Attending International Conference

update date : 2024-05-10


Application Round First Application Round Second Application Round Third Application Round Fourth Application Round
Application deadline Please upload the application documents 1 month before the first day of the conference.
Supplement deadline Before 3/31 Before 6/30

Before 9/30

(113 Annual Conference Application Deadline)

Before 12/31

(Application of the 114 annual conference is available. Please do not apply for the 113 annual conference.)

Notification time of review result Late May Late August Late November Late Februray of year 114


     Application Link

     Important Notes for Applicants:

  1. The acceptance of applications for attending the international academic conference which is held in China, Hong Kong and Macao has been temporarily suspended.
  2. If more than one applicant has the same advisorand are attending the same conference, the subsidy will be prioritized to the student who received higher grades.
  3. Please upload the application documents 1 month before the first day of the conference. No application will be accepted beyond deadline.
  4. The applicants who has not received the certificate/letter of acceptance still need to apply for the subsidy one month before the day of conference. The certificate/letter of acceptance could be re-submitted prior to a specified date upon evaluations.  
  5. Students need to attach documents proving their English proficiency. The English proficiency tests are limited to GEPT, TOEFL, IETLS and TOEIC. 
  6. If the applicant did not receive a subsidy in the previous stage, and the meeting they want to participate in still meets the requirements, they may apply for the next stage of subsidy one month before the meeting. 
Subsidy Regulation Grant for Attending International Conference【please click for details】



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