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NCKU Butterfly Program - CUB

update date : 2022-03-17

1. Only those with foreign student status from four countries including Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam are eligible to apply.
2. This special class will be fully sponsored by Cathay United Bank of China for scholarships at National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. The scholarship includes:

  • Airfare: (1) One-way economy class airfare to Taiwan. (2) One-way return economy class air tickets for students after obtaining the master's degree. (3) International travel insurance is not included.
  • monthly living expenses
  • Credit and tuition fees
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Student Ping An Insurance
  • health insurance premium
  • Visa fee and assistance for coming to Taiwan
  • Chinese courses

3. Internship opportunities: After completing the first year of the program, the students of this special class will participate in the internship activities of Cathay United Bank.
4. Job Opportunities: After obtaining the master's degree in this special class, students who pass through Cathay United World Commercial Bank will become employees of the local branch in their home country for more than 3 years.
5. The review of this special class adopts three stages, including 20% written review + 20% written test + 60% interview.
※For more information, please refer to our website http://www.ib.ncku.edu.tw/

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