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NCKU Butterfly Program - Delta Thailand

update date : 2022-03-17

Purpose: To train professionals and enhance students' practical skills, in order to implement collaborative teaching in the industry, cultivate students' functional orientation and enhance students' employment.
Eligibility: Students from Thailand and India in our school.

  1. Provide Thai students with the opportunity to return to Thailand for internship, and subsidize air tickets, living expenses, accommodation, and transportation connections.
  2. Provide Indian students from our school. After selection, they will be arranged to work in Delta Electronics, Taiwan. After they are familiar with the technical system, they will be sent back to India to work.
  3. Provide the opportunity for Indian students from our school to do internships at Delta Electronics in Taiwan.
  4. Provide the opportunity for international students from Thailand/India/other Southeast Asia to visit Delta Electronics Nanke Factory.
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