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[ACTIVITY FORWARD] Kindai University: Kindai Short-Term Japanese Program(Winter)

• Introduction: National Cheng Kung University's sister school, Kindai University in Japan, offers students a Japanese language and culture experience program.

• Program Duration: 12th January 2024 (Friday) to 2nd February 2024 (Friday), a 3-week course.

• Overview of Program:

(1) 34.5 hours of Japanese language courses (90 minutes x 23 sessions)

(available for all levels)

(2) Company visits

(3) Japanese cultural experiences: (once or twice a week)

  • Day trip to Kyoto
  • Introduction to Japanese martial arts culture

(4) Participation in activities organized by Kindai University students

Event website: https://www.kindai.ac.jp/english/study-at-kindai/short-term/

• Program Requirements:

(1) Must be a currently enrolled student

(2) Attendance required for all classes and activities

(3) Proficiency in English is necessary

• Program Language: English

• Program Fee: ¥260,000 JPY - ¥280,000 JPY. Please refer to the event brochure for details.

• Information on registration eligibility, procedures, accommodation, insurance, and other details can be found in the event brochure.

• Quota: 30 participants (on a first-come, first-served basis)

• Registration Method: Please email the required application documents. For details, please visit https://www.kindai.ac.jp/english/study-at-kindai/short-term/

• Registration Period: October 19th, 2023 to November 6th, 2023 (Japan time)

• Important Notes:

(1) The Office of International Affairs only announces or assists students in registering for short-term activities or courses offered by partner institutions. Whether these short-term courses can be credited towards the NCKU degree is subject to the regulations of the Office of Academic Affairs. If the activity dates coincide with the NCKU's regular class periods, students must follow the NCKU's regulations for taking leave.

(2) For inquiries regarding local courses, accommodation, registration, etc., please contact the designated office of the hosting institution.

• Contact Information:

Kindai University International Education Center

Email: isc@itp.kindai.ac.jp

Tel: +81-6-4307-3081

On-campus contact: Division of Study Abroad, Office of International Affairs - Ms. Yim

Extension: 50967 | Email: em50963@email.ncku.edu.tw


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