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Team Members

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Hong-Chen Chen, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President
Vice President for International Affairs

Tel : +886-6-2757575#50951
Fax: +886-6-2373551

Prof. Kevin Chao-Hung Lin
Associate Vice President for International Affairs
Director of Division of Overseas Recruitment and Admission

Tel : +886-6-2757575#50991/63836
Fax: +886-6-2373551

Prof. Sherry Shu-Jung Hu
Associate Vice President for International Affairs
Director of Division of Study Abroad

Email: shujungh@mail.ncku.edu.tw
Tel : +886-6-2757575#50961/56515
Fax: +886-6-2373551

Renee Wu 【Substitute: Eva Huang, Lesley Lin】


  • Office Secretary (Contact person for OIA Vice President’s schedule)
  • (Estimated) budget control 
  • Primary registration and verification of official documents
  • Proposal and organization of university-level conference report 
  • Assist inter-office communication and coordination
  • Assist in the planning of on and off campus evaluation programmes 
  • Assist supervisor on evaluations, progress-tracking of each office  
  • In charge of recording and arranging managerial meetings
  • Establish detailed charts of hierarchical responsibilities to define the authorized scope of hierarchical responsibilities and delegation of authority according to rank
  • Coordinator for personnel evaluation, rewards and punishment, appointment of supervisor

Tel : +886-6-2757575#50955

Eva Huang 【Substitute: Lesley Lin, Renee Wu】


  • Coordinator for on-campus comprehensive project: University Advancement, Middle and long range development plan for International Affairs
  • Collection and organization of internationalization data
  • NCKU suggestion box
  • Coordinator of the management of OIA’s inventory and equipment 
  • Coordinator for the filling and submission of disaster and Dengue epidemic prevention system 
  • Management of OIA student assistant

Tel : +886-6-2757575#50967

Lesley Lin 【Substitute: Eva Huang, Renee Wu】


  • Coordinator for OIA E-NEWS, website and social media management 
  • Coordinator for comprehensive analysis  of internationalization data 
  • Contact Window for the International Work Circle of Taiwan Comprehensive University System (TCUS)
  • Evaluation for the visiting report of international scholar 
  • Pilot scheme for subsidy for Webinars and Online Lectures with Overseas Speakers and Lecturers 
  • Rewards and subsidies for department that promotes internationalization
  • Advisory for the Exit & Entry Permit (Taiwan, Republic of China) and account management
  • Purchase and management of consumables for OIA, Conference room management
  • Coordinator for gifts and souvenirs 
  • Internationalization achievements and publicity plans, fundraising plans of FICHET schools

Tel : +886-6-2757575#50956

(To Be Hired) 【Substitute: Eva Huang, Lesley Lin】


  • Coordinator for the OIA server and system management 
  • Coordinator for the maintenance of OIA computer hardware
  • Coordinator for OIA database and network security management 
  • Coordinator for the computerization of administration
  • Web information management for the division headquarters (temporarily covered by Lesley)

Tel : +886-6-2757575#50950

Global Competence Advancement Center Members

To be Hired


  • Global Mobility Forum (Chinese)
  • 1-on-1 English Consultation Service
  • GCAC's Flyer, Posters and Brochure Design
  • GCAC's Inventory and Equipment Management
  • GCAC's Budget Control
  • Coordinator for Cross-Departmental Cooperaiton

Tel : +886-6-2757575#80950

To be Hired


  • Global Mobility Forum (English)
  • Student-Driven Program (CK Corner)
  • Surey Questionnaire Analysis
  • GCAC's Official Website and Global Compentence Passport Maintainance
  • GCAC's Social Media Promotion Copies
  • GCAC's Student Assistance Management

Tel :+886-6-2757575#80951