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【Part-time Job】Gamania Group International Youth Exchange Ambassador Program

Gamania Group International Youth Exchange Ambassador Program

Hello everyone! Gamania Group is recruiting International Youth Exchange Ambassadors. Here are some relevant informations for you to consider:

Job Description

  • International Trend/Current Affairs Sharing: Focus on news topics in your home country, explore popular communities, trending materials, and  ACGN interactive trends to share the ordinary yet extraordinary daily life of the Z and α generations!
  • Personal Perspective Sharing: Utilize your integration skills and creative thinking to share personal opinions with our managers.
  • Work period: Expected from July 2023 to January 2024, with one sharing activity per month.
  • Salary: $12,000 NTD per proposal sharing.
  • Work location: No. 111, Ruihu Street, Neihu District, Taipei City ( Gamania Group headquarters).
  • To comply with regulatory requirements, please indicate your current work permit application status when applying.


We are looking for someone like you

  • Foreign students studying at universities/graduate schools in Taiwan (Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan, South Korea - Students from these countries are welcome).
  • Can communicate fluently in both written and spoken Chinese or English.
  • Heavy internet users, who constantly monitor social trends and keep up with the latest topic trends, with bonus points for those who have experience in self-media operation.


What you can get

  • Experience sharing from senior executives.
  • Gamania recommendation letter.
  • Priority entry to Gamania job opportunities


※Applicants who pass the initial review will be individually notified by mail, and those who do not pass will not be notified separately~

※All foreign students are welcome to join Gamania  Group in 2023 and take a look together! Just click the "Apply" button when you are ready!

※Please attach your personal introduction file or portfolio or presentation when applying.

※For more information, please refer to 104: https://www.104.com.tw/job/7z9gr?jobsource=company_job


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