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【Important】Reapplication for the NCKU Distinguished Scholarship (Existing spring-admitted students)

Reapplication for the NCKU Distinguished Scholarship (Existing spring-admitted students)


Regarding the re-application of the NCKU Distinguished International Students Scholarship, we would like you to pay attention to the following information.

Scholarship Application

The NCKU Distinguished International Students Scholarship for spring-enrolling students ended in January, 2023. If you are a student enrolling in the spring semester, you might be eligible to reapply for the scholarship for the upcoming academic year. Please follow the “Regulation of NCKU Distinguished International Students Scholarship.” (https://www.cc.ncku.edu.tw/rule/content.php?sn=2323https://www.cc.ncku.edu.tw/rule/content.php?sn=2324)

The application timetable is as follows, and the specific time is subject to the announcement of each department.




February 8-20, 2023

Applicants have to fill out the Google form online and submit their applications.


February 21-March 1, 2023

Department committee reviews and evaluates the applications. After the final evaluation from the college committee, the application results will be sent to the OSSS.


March 2-25, 2023

OSSS will do the final information check and propose the budget to the higher-management for approval.


During the application and evaluation process, you will be responsible for your own living expenses until the scholarship award in late March or early April. Please note that exact timing of remittance will depend on the school’s administrative procedures.

If you have any questions, please contact us on our official LINE account: @457tznwh

If you have been awarded a government scholarship, please ignore this email. Thank you.


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