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【Job Post】【For Graduates】Hanns Touch is looking for Korean graduates!


HannsTouch was founded in 1999, with the vision of "the best partner for human intelligent life", focusing on the development of touch applications and TFT backplane solutions. Committed to building advantages through strategic innovation and resource integration. HTS's touch solutions can be applied to different terminal fields such as AMOLED and LCD displays. Product applications include wearable devices, mobile phones, tablet computers, notebook computers, all-in-one computers and industrial display products; TFT backplane solutions can be applied to electronic labels, e-books, electronic signage and other products.

Operating results

The world's second largest Rigid AMOLED touch sensor manufacturing

▧The world's largest wearable device touch sensing manufacturer, with a market share of 90%

Detailed work content:

1. It can independently develop new customers at home and abroad (mainly Korean customers), and establish long-term partnerships with customers to grasp customer trends as its own responsibility.

2. Have the ability to negotiate contracts and prices, and implement sales strategies with colleagues to achieve the goal of performance growth.

3. Have keen intelligence collection and market analysis capabilities for the optoelectronics industry.

4. Good communication and coordination skills.

  • Work treatment Salary negotiable (recurring salary of NTD 40,000 or more)
  • Nature of work: full-time
  • Working place: No. 7, Beiyuan 1st Road, Shanhua District, Tainan City
  • Management responsibility: no management responsibility
  • For business trips: business trips are required, and the cumulative time per year is about three months or less
  • Working hours: day shift, 08:40-17:40
  • Vacation system: two days off on weekends
  • Working days: within one month
  • Number of people required: 1 person
  • Work experience: more than 1 year
  • Education requirements: college or above
  • Language requirements: Korean -- Listening/Proficient, Speaking/Proficient, Reading/Proficient, Writing/Proficient

HannsTouch not only encourages individuals to pursue excellence, but also pays more attention to the results of cooperation between teams. Provide necessary assistance to colleagues in various projects.

We will dynamically adjust the work content according to the current goals of the organization, and implement cross-departmental support and collaboration.

Looking forward to meeting you and building a better future together!

Hanns Touch HR Fiona


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