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Scholarship Q&A

update date : 2022-03-14


1. The applicant has prepared the application documents and sent them to the International Office within the deadline. Why did not get the subsidy?

The application documents need to be reviewed by the committee, and only those who have passed the review will receive the subsidy. In addition, the failure to apply for the subsidy does not mean that the ability of the student has been denied by the committee. The review of scholarships and bursaries is a competition of the whole school regardless of the department. There are many students who are as serious and good as you. Therefore, it is a fierce competition, and because of the limited funds, it is impossible for every applicant to get the scholarship. Therefore, only the students who meet the subsidy standard in the comprehensive evaluation of the whole school (compared to the same echelon, students with relatively excellent comprehensive performance scores) will receive subsidy. Therefore,please be mentally prepared in advance, and prepare the filing method in advance to deal with the situation of not getting the subsidy.


2. What are the review criteria?

(1) Examination standards for students' cross-border two-way training

1. School grades in the field of study abroad: 40%

2. Study/Research/Internship Program: 30%/span>

3. Autobiography (including school experience) and other performance: 30%


(2) Examination criteria for attending international conferences

1. Teachers, PhD researchers

(1) Papers to be published: 30%30%

(2) The importance of the conference (such as research field, scale, international group level, etc.): 30%

(3) Other performance (research works or awards over the years, etc.): 40%

2. Students

(1) School grades in the field of study abroad: 25%

(2) Papers to be published: 25%

(3) The importance of the conference (such as research field, scale, international group level, etc.): 25%

(4) Other performance (recommendation letters, research works, etc.): 25%


(3) Review criteria for overseas volunteers

1. School grades: 20%

2. Service purpose content and plan: 80%

3. Additional credit conditions: have taken the school's service courses and participated in domestic volunteer learning and service experience


3. Why has the amount of subsidies decreased for teachers and students who have passed the review by the selection committee and received subsidies?

The value of the subsidy amount on the subsidy point is the upper limit of the subsidy amount, not the actual amount issued. The actual subsidy amount will be adjusted according to the annual funding situation.


4. After getting the subsidy, when can I get the funds? Can you give me the exact time?

If all the required documents are paid in, the Office of International Affairs will send the scholarship application for the student. After the Office of International Affairs sends the application, it needs to go through the Accounting Office and the cashier team. Therefore, the exact remittance time cannot be provided for the student.

If the remittance is successful, the school will automatically send a notification letter to the school mailbox of the students, please pay attention.


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