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Overseas Hubs

update date : 2022-03-14




Introduction to overseas bases

In response to the trend of globalization and the enhancement of international cooperation, Cheng Kung University started to expand the cooperation territory of overseas schools many years ago, of which Southeast Asia is one of the main key areas. In order to take root and deepen exchanges with friends in Southeast Asia, the school has set up overseas hub offices in Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand and other countries. And in November 2019, an overseas base physical space was established in Mahidol University, Thailand.

As the cornerstone of the link between Taiwan and Southeast Asia, Overseas Hub continues to consolidate and expand the four strategic axes of "joint research", "international education", "industry-university cooperation", and "talent cultivation", and combine the school's key policies in various countries. and local industry trends to plan the annual goals of each main axis, hoping to integrate resources to achieve a win-win situation.

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