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update date : 2022-07-11


Frequently Asked Questions for International Scholars Applying for Jobs

A. Qualification application stage

Yes, and the school's teaching evaluation meeting is held regularly, and the administrative process takes a long time. It is recommended that departments with planning can prepare in advance to reduce administrative time.
Please confirm whether the scholar has "independent teaching". If it is only to assist the teaching staff, you only need to apply in the name of "participation in research".
Please discuss relevant questions and contents with the Innovative Research and Development Division of the R&D Office, ext. 06-2757575 ext.50907, Email: em50907@email.ncku.edu.tw
The funding of the Higher Education SPROUT Project is limited according to the category of application. For relevant information, please contact the Innovative Research and Development Division of the R&D Office, ext. 06-2757575 ext.50907, Email: em50907@ncku.edu.tw


B. Before coming to NCKU, Taiwan

Due to the impact of COVID-19, most of Taiwan's foreign offices will not issue visas to foreign nationals for "general social visits" , foreigners must come to Taiwan for work reasons to have a higher chance of coming to Taiwan (the policy is subject to change and will be adjusted from time to time). The prerequisite for obtaining a work visa is to obtain a work permit from the Ministry of Labor and a monthly salary of at least NT$47,971. For the relevant process, please refer to NCKU's "Implementation Directions for Recruiting Outstanding Talents".
After confirming with the CDC, due to the rapid changes of the epidemic and the fact that vaccinated persons do not mean they will not be infected, in order to avoid the risk of large-scale infection caused by asymptomatic infected persons entering Taiwan, the CDC still adopts a 10-day hotel quarantine plus 7 days of self-health management. For Taiwan's entry policy, please refer to the latest news from the "Centers for Disease Control" and the latest news from the "Bureau of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs".
Yes, you can. Once you have obtained a visa and booked a flight, please forward the flight time to the department and provide the following information to the Overseas Students and Scholars Services of the International Office immediately.

1. Airport of landing

2. Hotel budget (currently about NT$1500~4000 per day, including three meals)

3. Room facilities requirements (e.g. bathtub, desk, chair, window, etc.)

4. Other special services (whether to support delivery service, etc.)

Note 1: If a deposit is required to be paid in advance for the hotel, please confirm the advance payment mechanism with the scholar first (either by the department or by the scholars).

Note 2: In order to avoid compensation for damage to hotel equipment, scholars are requested to take photos and records of the hotel after staying in the hotel to avoid unreasonable compensation from the hotel later.

Note 3: Since the school is located in Tainan, scholars are advised to arrive at Kaohsiung Airport as far as possible to reduce the risk of moving from the north to the south.

For questions about self-health management accommodation and follow-up on-campus dormitories after 7 days, please contact Overseas Students and Scholars Services in the International Student Office. We will arrange student dormitories or provide information on off-campus rental housing for 7 days self-health management dorm.


C. After coming to NCKU, Taiwan

In general, the tax rate for foreigners can be 6% or 18%. The difference lies in whether the number of days in Taiwan exceeds 183 days in the year, and if it exceeds 183 days, the 6% tax rate applies, while the 18% tax rate is applied to those with less than 183 days.

For related tax rate questions, please contact Ms. Lu Huiqing, Office of Finance Cashier Division.


Depending on the program, only NCKU 90 and Beyond is currently offering grants. For information, please contact the Innovative Research and Development Division of the R&D Office: [NCKU 90 and Beyond].
Please consult with the applicant (departmental office) first, and use the space available within the department as the main allocation: if you still need another independent research space, please seek assistance from the Innovative Research and Development Division of the R&D Office.
At present, the number of days of leave for foreign scholar is the same as that of our staff, but the number of days is mainly based on the number of days of service on campus. For detailed calculation of the number of days of leave, please contact Ms. Wen-Chi Chen in the Human Resources Office (ext. 50875 Email:z8810011@ncku.edu.tw).
If the scholar has relevant needs, it is recommended that he or she apply to the Office of Human Resources of National Cheng Kung University for an "Off-Campus Part-Time Teaching Form for Non-Establishment Staff 國立成功大學編制外人員校外兼課簽辦表" and be approved by the NCKU before taking up off-campus part-time work.
At present, for foreign scholars, Cheng Kung Kindergarten has adjusted the admission order of their children to the second place, but the admission is still subject to the applicant and the vacancy of that year, it does not mean that the admission is guaranteed.
Our kindergarten website: https://tw.pre.uschoolnet.com/school/k024.
For questions related to the Ministry of Science and Technology, please contact the Project Administration and Assessment Division.
1. ext 50940
2. Email: em50940@email.ncku.edu.tw
In addition to informal communication channels, the Overseas Students and Scholars Services of the International Office hosts a monthly dinner for foreign scholars at the Taiwan Sustainability Hub 臺灣永續棧 (7F, East Building, Yunping Building, Kuang-Fu Campus).

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