國立成功大學防疫公告 NCKU COVID-19 Prevention Announcement (20200325 2100)

最後更新日期 : 2020-03-30


NCKU Epidemic Prevention Announcement for 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)



By NCKU COVID-19 Prevention Caucus

(2020/03/25  21:00)



Dear Colleagues and Students,



Faculty and staff with suspected symptoms should NOT enter campus


成大教職員工如有發燒、咳嗽等呼吸道症狀或不明原因的嗅覺、味覺喪失,請立即就醫,切勿到校上班,並自主健康監測,有關假別及因應措施可洽人事室 (http://pers.ncku.edu.tw/index.php?Lang=zh-tw)

NCKU faculty and staff with suspected symptoms, including fever, cough, respiratory illnesses, smell and taste disorders with unknown cause, should go to a doctor as soon as possible, should NOT enter campus, and should implement active health surveillance. For more information about the types of leaves and related measures, please contact the Personnel Office (http://pers.ncku.edu.tw/index.php?Lang=en).




CECC recommends suspending indoor gatherings of over 100 people and outdoor gatherings of over 500 people to prevent cluster infections



The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) recommended that indoor events that are attended by more than 100 people and outdoor gatherings that are attended by more than 500 people be suspended, in order to prevent cluster infections. The CECC explained that organizers of these types of gatherings can conduct risk assessments based on the following six indicators described in the Guidelines for Large-Scale Public Gatherings in the Wake of the COVID-19 Outbreak: 1. ability to gain information on participants beforehand; 2. air ventilation and replacement; 3. distance between participants; 4. whether participants are in a fixed position; 5. event duration; 6. hand hygiene and surgical masks.



Quarantine Hotels in Tainan 06-2880180



Tainan City Government announced that people who need quarantine accommodation in Tainan City can contact the Public Health Bureau of Tainan City via 06-2880180 for further assistances. 



Second round of online ordering under the name-based rationing system for face masks starts from March 25


  1. 325()上午8時至327()晚上8時,使用健保卡/自然人憑證或健保快易通APP進行認證預購。
  2. 成功預購者於328()上午8時至330()晚上8時內以 ATM轉帳、信用卡方式完成付款。
  3. 交易成功後,331()41()以簡訊發送取貨序號。
  4. 42()48(),持序號及訂購人證件(身分證、健保卡或駕照),至指定取貨超商的Kiosk服務機台(如:ibonFamiPortLife-ETOKgo)輸入取貨序號及身分證字號後,列印取貨單(小白單),至超商櫃台領取口罩。

1.    People can place online orders from 08:00 on March 25 (Wed.) to 20:00 on March 27 (Fri.) by verifying their identity with their NHI card or Citizen Digital Certificate or through the NHI Administration’s National Health Insurance Express mobile app.

2.    Those who have successfully placed an online order will be requested to complete the related payment between 08:00 on March 28 (Sat.) and 20:00 on March 30 (Mon.) by ATM transfer or credit card.

3.    Those who have successfully placed an online order and completed the payment will receive a text message on March 31 (Tue.) or April 1 (Wed.) with an order pickup number.

4.    The face masks can be collected from April 2 (Thu.) to April 8 (Wed.) with the order pickup number and ID of the person who placed the order (i.e., National ID Card, Resident Certificate, NHI card, driver’s license) at a designated convenience store. Simply input the order pickup number and ID number at the convenience store’s kiosk system (e.g., ibon, FamiPort, Life-ET, OK·go), print the pickup form, and give the form to store staff.










NCKU Surveys


¢ 成大COVID-19防疫資訊平台雲端紀錄(https://tinyurl.com/qw4p2un)

  1. 請成大教職員工及學生每日務必測量體溫並至成大COVID-19防疫資訊平台登錄(有無發燒都要登錄)
  2. 請要求進入校園之訪客至成大COVID-19防疫資訊平台登錄。
  3. 無論是「居家隔離」、「居家檢疫」或「自主健康管理」者,皆請配合每日早/晚各量體溫一次,並到成大COVID-19防疫資訊平台登錄


¢ NCKU COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention Platform(https://tinyurl.com/qw4p2un)

  1. All NCKU faculty, employees and students are requested to report daily health condition via the platform (with or without fever).
  2. Please ask all visitors entering the campus to report via the platform.
  3. During the period of Home Isolation, Home Quarantine or Self-Health Management, people should check body temperature in the morning and evening every day, and report through the on-line platform.



NCKU members entering Taiwan after the semester started, please fill in the NCKU COVID-19 Survey again.

成大健康關懷問卷NCKU COVID-19 Survey (https://tinyurl.com/qw4p2un)



NCKU COVID-19 Prevention Websites







●NCKU COVID-19 Information PlatformChinesehttps://tinyurl.com/wuokld2

●COVID-19 Prevention and NCKU Emergency Measures, Office of International Affairs, NCKU






Tracking Record for Public Spaces


為更有效率的建置公共空間追蹤通行紀錄,各單位教職員工、學生、洽公人員及訪客進入辦公室、教室、實驗室、研究室、會議室等,須掃描該空間之專屬QR Code並登錄,並配合量測體溫、手部消毒。同時,每日務必測量體溫並至成大COVID-19防疫資訊平台登錄(有無發燒都要登錄)

To lift the efficiency of the Tracking Record for Public Spaces, all faculty, employees, students and visitors are requested to scan the unique QR Code of a public space, sign in, check body temperature and sanitize hands before entering a public space, including office, classroom, laboratory, research room and meeting room. Meanwhile, all faculty, employees and students are requested to report daily health condition via the platform (with or without fever)  









Avoid All Nonessential Overseas Travel



The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) has raised its travel notice for more countries or areas to Level 3: Warning. The CECC has advised that all nonessential travel to the listed countries and areas should be avoided. For more details, please see the COVID-19 Prevention Measures & Classification updated by the Office of International Affairs (OIA).



The Ministry of Education also announced that, from March 18 to the end of this semester, all college faculty, staff and students should avoid nonessential or unurgent overseas travel; and that colleges should enhance survey and health management measures for the faculty, staff and students returning to Taiwan.



Outgoing Research, Study & Exchange Students Complete Declaration of Intent






According to the NCKU COVID-19 Prevention and Corresponding Measures for Outgoing Research, Study & Exchange Students (https://tinyurl.com/vc36235) announced by OIA on March 14th,

● Outgoing Research, Study & Exchange Students, who have not started overseas travel, are not allowed to go to countries or areas listed in Travel Notice Level 3;

● Outgoing Research, Study & Exchange Students, who have started overseas travel, should take personal epidemic precautions and keep close contacts with NCKU

Whether you want to continue or postpone the original plan, to return to Taiwan earlier, or to accept the remote study plan provided by foreign university/institution, you must complete the    Declaration of Intent for NCKU Outgoing Research, Study & Exchange Students (https://forms.gle/dj1GjyDX5yyAJekn8). Make sure that your department and related NCKU offices are informed about your latest status, intent and needs. For related expense reimbursement regulations, please refer to the announcement.    



Retrospective Home Quarantine & Testing


將往回追溯38日至18日間,自美國、東亞國家入境後曾就醫者,即刻起居家檢疫,並進行 COVID-19(武漢肺炎)病毒檢驗。

Symptomatic travelers returning from the US, East Asia between March 8 and March 18 are subject to home quarantine and testing for COVID-19.



People who have a travel history (including flight transit) during March 5-14 to Europe, Dubai, Egypt or Turkey should conduct a retrospective 14-day Home Quarantine. The listed countries include France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Malta, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, United Kingdom, Ireland, Dubai, Egypt and Turkey.



Meanwhile, the CECC will start retrospective testing for COVID-19 for some of the travelers who sought medical care for pneumonia or upper respiratory symptoms from March 3 to March 14. The CECC will send text messages to symptomatic persons to remind them to observe related testing measures.







 Taiwan’s Official Announcement

Temporary Prohibition from Entering Taiwan



● 26日起全面暫緩中國大陸籍旅客入境。

Starting February 6, 2020, Taiwan implements a temporary measure prohibiting people from the People’s Republic of China from entering Taiwan.


● 27日起,外籍人士只要14日內曾經入境或居住於中國大陸、香港或澳門,暫緩入境我國。即使有特殊原因,我駐外館處也不再受理簽證申請。
Starting February 7, 2020, Taiwan implements a temporary measure prohibiting foreign nationals who in the previous 14 days have visited or resided in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), including Hong Kong and Macao, from entering Taiwan. Entry visa applications by such foreign nationals, including those submitted for special reasons, will not be accepted by Taiwan’s overseas missions while this temporary measure is in effect.


Bureau of Consular, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (English Webpage)https://tinyurl.com/rp7o2be



Taiwan implements a temporary entry restriction on Hong Kong and Macao people, starting 0:00 am of February 11. Only contracted business visitors, internal mobility of cross-national enterprises, spouses and under-aged children possessing a valid Taiwan Resident Certificate are exempted from this restriction.



Starting March 19, Taiwan implements a temporary measure prohibiting foreign nationals from entering Taiwan. All people entering Taiwan on and after March 19 must conduct a 14-day Home Quarantine. Exemptions will be granted to Alien Resident Certificate holders, personnel on diplomatic or official business, persons who can prove they are fulfilling commercial and contractual obligations, and persons requiring special permission.



Airline passenger transits through Taiwan are suspended from March 24 to April 7.


In order to stop the spread of COVID-19 through air transport, the CECC has announced that it will suspend the transit of airline passengers through Taiwan from March 24 until April 7, to decrease the cross-border movement of people and to reduce the risk of disease transmission.




Travel Notice Level 3 for All Nations from Mar. 21



The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that COVID-19 has reached a global pandemic, with its expanding spread across Latin America, Africa and Ocean and the rapidly increasing number of confirmed cases. Therefore, CECC has raised its travel notice for all countries or areas to Level 3: Warning starting March 21. People should avoid all nonessential overseas travel. All people entering Taiwan on and after March 19 must conduct a 14-day Home Quarantine.



Automatic 30-day Extension for Foreigners



Automatic 30-day extension for foreigners entering Taiwan on or before March 21 with visa waiver, visitor visa, or landing visa (no application is required) (overstayers excepted) For more details, please refer to the Bureau of Consular Affairs, MOFA (https://www.boca.gov.tw/cp-220-5436-37c0d-2.html)







Tracking and Management Mechanism for People under Infection Risk


中央流行疫情指揮中心Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC)  www.cdc.gov.tw

疫情通報及諮詢專線 1922 (Communicable Disease Reporting and Consultation Hotline, 1922 (or 0800-001922) )





Home Isolation


Home Quarantine



Self-Health Management




Individuals who had contact with the confirmed cases

All travelers from foreign nations


Target 1: Reported case who is tested negative and fit the criteria of de-isolation.



Target 2Reported case of community surveillance.



Target 3Travelers entered Taiwan before March 19th from nations of Travel Notice Level 1 & 2.



Responsible Authority


Local Health Authority



Bureau of Civil Affairs of Local government/ Village Chief or Village Clerk


Health Authority




Home Isolation for 14 days


Active health surveillance twice per day


Home Quarantine for 14 Days


Active health surveillance once per day


Self-Health Management for 14 days


Coordinate Matters


Health Authority issues “Home (Self) isolation notice for contacts of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) confirmed cases”


Health Authority tracks the health condition twice per day.


During the period of home isolation, please stay at home (or designated location). It is forbidden to leave the country, go abroad or take public transportation.


The individual who develops symptoms will be referred to the designated medical facilities by the Health Authority.


Those who fail to comply with central epidemic command and control measures will be fined according to the Communicable Disease Control Act and may be proceeded with compulsory placement when necessary.


Authorities issue “Novel Coronavirus Health Declaration and Home Quarantine Notice”. Individuals should wear a surgical mask when returning home for Home Quarantine.


Village leader or Village Officer contact daily for the health condition and fill the “Record for Health Care Condition” for 14 days. 


During the period of home quarantine, please stay at home (or designated location). It is forbidden to leave the country, go abroad or take public transportation.


The individuals with symptoms will be referred to the designated medical facilities for collecting samples for lab tests.

Health Authority will implement active health surveillance.


Those who fail to comply with central epidemic command and control measures will be fined according to the Communicable Disease Control Act and may be proceeded with compulsory placement when necessary.

無症狀者:盡量避免出入公共場所,如需外出應全程配戴外科口罩;勤洗手,落實呼吸道衛生及咳嗽禮節;每日早/晚各量體 溫一次。

People without symptoms: should avoid going to public venues. If going out is necessary, they should wear a surgical mask; wash hand often and implement respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette; check body temperature in the morning and evening every day 


People who have a fever, cough, respiratory symptoms such as runny nose, or illness: wear a surgical mask; go to a doctor as soon as possible, and actively inform the doctor about your contact history, travel history and if there are people with similar symptoms around you. After returning home, you should also wear a mask, avoid going out and keep a proper distance over 1 meter when talking with others.   


If a doctor arranges a testing, you should stay home and should not go out after receiving a test and before the result is released.


Medical workers should not go to work temporarily.


Legal Basis


Articles 48 of Communicable Disease Control Act


Article 15-1 of Special Act on COVID-19 Prevention, Relief and Restoration


Articles 58 of Communicable Disease Control Act


Article 15-2 of Special Act on COVID-19 Prevention, Relief and Restoration


Articles 48, 58, 67 and 69 of Communicable Disease Control Act





Study at Ease Project for NCKU Students




A warm reminder, the “Study at Ease Project” launched by NCKU can help you. Through multiple education methods, such as online registration and course enrollment, online education and assessment, and flexible study mechanism, NCKU endeavors to assist students to complete study as scheduled.









●School Payment Websitehttp://cashier.ufo.ncku.edu.tw/p/406-1096-96044,r541.php?Lang=zh-tw

Application for School Payment Deferment (Only for students who are unable to return to school due to epidemic prevention)


●Course Enrollment Website: http://course.ncku.edu.tw/course/

●NCKU Academic Registration Notice for the 2020 Spring Semester: https://tinyurl.com/qrvcjm5

●NCKU Study at Ease Project for COVID-19 Prevention (Mandarin & English): https://tinyurl.com/qvv32gy




成大更新版行事曆(中文網頁) https://tinyurl.com/r98q85r

In addition, in line with the government’s epidemic prevention policies, as well as to shoulder the responsibility to protect everyone in the NCKU, NCKU has postponed the start date of spring semester from the original February 17th to March 2nd. Please click to see more details:

NCKU Updated Academic Calendar (English Webpage) https://tinyurl.com/uxt3rba



For any question regarding tuition, miscellaneous fees and maximum years of study duration and other related information, please email to the Registrar Division http://reg.acad.ncku.edu.tw/.






Students Online Application System of National Immigration Agency



The Tainan City First Service Center of National Immigration Agency (NIA) highly suggests Foreign Students, Overseas Chinese Students and Students from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao who have entered Taiwan to apply for a resident visa or an extension of duration of stay through the Students Online Application System (https://tinyurl.com/tsth33y). Once an application is successfully received, it takes only five days to receive a resident visa or a renewal and can therefore effectively help avoid visa expiry. The Students Online Application System is safe, speedy and accessible 24-hour every day, saving your time from waiting on site and securing your health amid the coronavirus spread. International faculty who has questions regarding the resident visa, please check the NIA’s website and make online application (https://www.immigration.gov.tw/7152) as well. If you have questions using the online application system, please call NIA’s Service Line (02-27967162) or the Tainan City First Service Center (06-2937641).     





●Students Online Application System: https://tinyurl.com/tsth33y

●National Immigration Agency (NIA) Service Line: 02-27967162

●Tainan City First Service Center of NIA: 06-2937641







Temporary Ban from Certain Airports and International Cruise Ships



● 26日起國際郵輪禁止靠泊我國港口。

Starting February 6, 2020, international cruise ships will be banned from calling at ports of Taiwan.



Taiwan will impose a temporary ban on cross-strait passenger flights between Taiwan and certain airports in China starting 0:00 am of February 10 to 11:59 pm of April 29. Except for the flights to and from Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport and Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, cross-strait flights to and from the remaining airports in China will be suspended. Travelers taking a transit through China, please double check and make sure if your flight can enter Taiwan or not.







Taiwan’s Mask Policy for Foreign Nationals



Foreign residents who have health insurance, usually those who hold an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) or an Alien Permanent Resident Certificate (APRC) should still use their health insurance card to purchase masks at designated pharmacies.


foreigners who don’t have a NHI card can purchase masks at designated pharmacies with their resident certificate or exit/entry permits.



In order to avoid long queues, residents should go to designated pharmacies or public health centers according to the last digit of their ID number, residency number, or passport number. Adults are allowed to buy 3 face masks per week at NHI contracted pharmacies or public health centers.



If the latter ends in an odd number, you are eligible to buy masks on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; even numbers should go on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Sundays are open to all.



Everyone is allowed to purchase for maximum one friend or family member as long as they bring their own health insurance card and the friend or family member’s national health insurance card.



Children aged 13 or under are allowed to buy masks every day and not limited by the rotating system of ID number. Children can buy 5 face masks per week. Adults are able to buy masks on behalf of up to three children at a time by showing the NHI cards of the children.



中央健康保險署National Health Insurance Administration

  1. 網站 website: www.nhi.gov.tw
  2. 電話 tel: 0800-030-598 or 4128-678



各國語言的新型肺炎的新聞媒體平台Multilingual Coverage of the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak:  https://tinyurl.com/s4f4ngk