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【Open for Registration】GCAC–1-on-1 English Writing Consultatation Service

1-on-1 English Writing Consultation Poster

Consultation Services:

Fall 2022 Consultation Services

Consultants' Information:

Fall 2022 Consultants' Information

Consultation Availability: The consultation in the Fall Semester 2022 will be opened from October to December.

Fall 2022 Consultation Availability

Consultation Venues:

Fall 2022 Consultation Venue

How to Register:

  1. Appointments can be made no later than two weeks before the desired date of the consultation session through the "NCKU Activity Information System."
  1. Each person is allowed to sign up for one session of consultation at a time. Follow-up appointment can be made only after the first consultation is completed.
  2. For Academic English Writing Consultation appointment, a 1 on 1 Academic Writing Consultation Form needs to be filled in (as in the attachment).

Notes for the applicants:

  1. Please send the manuscripts and the consultation form in PDF format a week before the reserved date to nckugcac@ncku.edu.tw. The subjet of the email should contain the service requested, reserved date and the applicant’s name, e.g. Academic English Writing-3/1-Wang Hsiao-Ming. GCAC is entitled to cancel the reservation if the applicant doesn’t hand in the manuscripts and application form on time.
  2. Please print the manuscripts needed for the consultation and hand it to the mentor at the consultation session. For Academic English Writing Consultation, a printed 1-on-1 Academic Writing Consultation Form is also needed.
  3. Please bring your student ID for identity check. Consultation is not provided to anyone other than the one who made the appointment online.
  4. Please arrive 5 minutes before the session begins. Latecomers will not be given extended consultation time.


  1. Applicants who need to cancel an appointment must do so three days prior to the consultation session by making contact with GCAC at (06-2757575#80950) or email (nckugcac@ncku.edu.tw). Failure to do so will lead to a 14-day suspension of the right for consultation appointments. Please be sure to have the appointments made on time available.
  2. Applicants who are 10 minutes late for the session without making prior contact with GCAC are considered absent. Two cases of absence will lead to the disqualification for consultation service for the rest of the semester.
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