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“Surf Project” Subsidy Directions for Doctoral Students

update date : 2023-09-13


Application Round First Application Round Second Application Round Third Application Round Fourth Application Round
Application deadline 30 days before the date of going abroad
Supplement deadline before 4/30 before 5/31 before 7/31 before 10/31
Notification time of review result late June late July late September late December

Project Temporarily Suspended

1. Doctoral Surf Project 2.0, 【Apply Link】

(1) Add subsidy for long-distance training in Taiwan, the training period must be 3 months
(2) cancel the restriction on the use of repeated application for government subsidy funds
(3) encourage doctoral students to participate in international conferences and participate in the co-authoring of papers to improve themselves in research and cross-border exchange results

2. Applicants should fill in the google online form 30 days before the date of going abroad or the start date of the long-distance training in Taiwan, and upload the electronic file of the complete application form after has been certified by the mentor, department, and school ( The application form needs to be verified and sealed by the relevant unit), overdue will not be accepted.


1. In order to cultivate global cross-border talents, enhance the international mobility of doctoral students, and further promote the university's international cooperation and collaboration in talent cultivation, the National Cheng Kung University has formulated the main points of the "World Surfing Plan".

2. Applicants should have the following qualifications:

  1. Doctoral students in our school or those who have obtained the admission qualifications for our doctoral program (excluding Mainland students and on-the-job training students), and those who have been recommended by the mentor; those who have no mentor need the recommendation by the department (institution) supervisor.
  2. The applicant intends to study in one of the following foreign universities or academic institutions:
    1. Top 300 foreign universities in the world university rankings (ARWU or THE or QS or USNEWS).
    2. Top 100 foreign universities and colleges in the world rankings (ARWU or THE or QS or USNEWS).
    3. Top foreign academic research institutions.
    4. Cooperate with international strategic partner academic research institutions of the school.

3. The training methods are divided into the following two categories:

  1. Study abroad.
  2. Long-distance training in Taiwan.

4. Subsidy content:

  1. Subsidy times: The principle of each subsidy is one subsidy per person for each item in the previous point.
  2.  Subsidy period: 1 month to 3 months, no subsidy or extension is allowed.
  3.  Amount of subsidy:
    1. Study abroad:
      1. Those who go to Asia will receive a subsidy of up to NT$60,000 in the first month (the same below), and a monthly subsidy of up to 40,000 from the second month Yuan.
      2. Those who go to areas other than Asia will receive a subsidy of up to 120,000 yuan in the first month, and a maximum of 80,000 yuan per month from the second month onwards.
    2. Long-distance training in Taiwan: a monthly subsidy of up to 25,000 yuan.

For detailed regulations, please refer to the main points and application form of the National Cheng Kung University Doctoral Student World Wandering Program Subsidy Program.




補助辦法 國立成功大學博士生世界徜徉計畫補助要點【詳情請點閱】


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